Covington man pistol-whipped as thieves attempt to steal his car

COVINGTON -- A Covington resident was reportedly pistol-whipped when an attempt was made to steal his vehicle in the early morning hours Thursday, according to the Covington Police Department.

The Blackwell Street resident told police that he was returning from work around 2 a.m. and his motion detector lights came on as he pulled into his driveway. He said he drove into the carport of his home when he noticed his dogs had started barking viciously from the back yard.

The victim said he opened the driver's side door and leaned over into the passenger seat to retrieve his lunch box when he was attacked by a man armed with a handgun who began cursing him and demanding that he give him his car. About that same time, he noticed a black female standing over to the side who was dressed in all black.

"(The victim) said that the male subject struck him in the head with the pistol and that is when he began to fight back," the CPD incident report states. ... "(The victim) said he and the unknown male subject continued fighting while he was still inside his car."

The officer noted that when he arrived at the scene, the victim had blood running down the side of his face and blood was coming from his head where there were three large knots, one on the back of his head and two on the top.

The victim said after several blows to his head with the pistol, which he described as having an extended magazine that came loose during the struggle, the two suspects ran away.

The victim said he believed the male suspect was black, based on the way he talked.

In other crime news, an alert citizen notified the CPD that he had witnessed someone driving a yellow box truck stealing wooden pallets from behind Ingle's on U.S. Highway 278 and the Food Depot on Turner Lake Road.

Lewis Smith, 55, of 3775 Lincoln Jones Road, Ellenwood, was arrested and charged with two counts of theft by taking.

Officers arrived at Ingle's and found a truck matching the description the witness had given which had about 40 wooden pallets inside it.

Officers also noted that the tag on the vehicle appeared to have been "intentionally curled up so that it could not be seen," the incident report states.

The witness told officers that he and another man had followed the truck from Food Depot to Ingle's and had witnessed the thefts.

The suspect told officers "that he was only picking up broken pallets," and when asked what had happened to his tag, he said a pallet caught it and curled it up.

Also, a witness notified the CPD around 3 a.m. Saturday that he had observed a man walking on the Emory Street bridge between West and Geiger streets who looked as though he was contemplating jumping onto the Interstate below.

When the officer attempted to approach the man, the began cursing and stated, "I can jump if I want to."

The officer stated the man had something in his hand, but she could not ascertain what it was and she told the man to get on the ground or she would deploy her Taser.

"(The suspect) refused to follow my commands and kept walking over to the edge of the bridge as if he was looking for a spot to jump," the incident report states.

After the man refused to comply, the officer stated she positioned herself between the man and the bridge and deployed the Taser. Only one probe made contact and the man was able to pull it loose and attempted to run to the other side of the bridge in front of oncoming traffic, the report states.

The Taser was deployed a second time, which stopped the man and he was handcuffed.

"He stated several times that he was going to jump and was angry with me for stopping him," the officer reported.

The man was transported to Newton Medical Center.