Man hit by car says he was trying to kill himself

COVINGTON -- Covington Police officers were summoned to the intersection of West and Clark streets Tuesday around 6 a.m. in reference to an accident involving a pedestrian.

According to a CPD incident report, when officers arrived they found a man on the ground, holding his stomach. The man told them he had been hit by a car as he was crossing the street.

The driver of the car that struck the man said he was traveling west on Clark Street and that the man stepped out in front of him and was struck by his side mirror.

The injured man next called the officer over to where he was lying on the ground and admitted he had purposely stepped out in front of the vehicle because he wanted to end his life. He said he and his wife had been arguing and he was just tired of life.

The injured man was turned over to emergency medical personnel. There was no further word on his condition. The driver of the vehicle will not be charged.