Rockdale deputy arrests driver on drug charge

CONYERS — A deputy’s suspicion that a motorist was trying to avoid him resulted in the driver going to jail on a methamphetamine charge.

The Rockdale County deputy reported that he was patrolling in the area of Edwards Middle School on Stanton Road at about 10 a.m. on July 25 when he saw a blue S-10 Chevrolet pickup traveling south on Stanton Road at a high rate of speed. The deputy followed as the truck made a quick turn on Ebenezer Road and then lost the deputy in traffic. The deputy parked on the side of Ebenezer near the entrance to St. Charles subdivision, and shortly thereafter the suspect vehicle came back headed toward Stanton Road.

The deputy pulled over the truck and noticed that the driver and passenger “appeared over heated and sweaty,” and had dilated pupils.

“Their actions and movements were that of a methamphetamine user,” the deputy wrote in his report. “They were fidgeting throughout my investigation and repeatedly sitting up their seats and then sitting back. They would both go to their cell phones multiple times as if to look up information of some sort.”

The driver of the truck, Joshua David Coker, 32, of 50 Butler Bridge Road, Covington, granted the deputy permission to search the truck. When Coker attempted to help the deputy open the glove compartment, he allegedly dropped two plastic bags containing a crystalized substance on the ground.

Coker was handcuffed, and his 28-year-old passenger “immediately began to tell on his friend and claim that his friend had the methamphetamine,” according to the incident report. The passenger also allegedly admitted that he had used methamphetamine the day before.

Coker reportedly initially denied any methamphetamine use but later allegedly admitted it. He also claimed that the drugs belonged to his passenger.

Coker was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine.