Covington offers gas rebates

COVINGTON — The city of Covington is offering incentives and financing assistance to those within the city’s gas service area who install or convert to natural gas appliances.

Rebates ranging from $50 to $300 are available through a campaign jointly launched by the city and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia.

Specifically targeted will be those who live in the city’s service area, along thoroughfares with natural gas mains, but who do not currently have natural gas, said Steve Edwards, senior marketing representative with MGAG. Examples are Cook Road, Hwy. 36 and Elks Club Road. The service area may be in the city or county, he said. Residents who are unsure or who want more information can contact Stacy Walden with the city of Covington at 770-385-2027.

The incentives apply to conversion from propane or electric to natural gas.

Rebates for installing a natural gas appliance or replacing an electric appliance are as follows:

• $50 for clothes dryers, gas logs, gas lighting and gas grills

• $100 for gas ranges

• $300 for gas water heaters, tank or tankless

The extension of a service line of up to 100 feet and installation of a meter would be done free of charge and tap fees waived to those who qualify for the program.

The city also offers on-bill financing for approved customers who install Energy Star rated natural gas tankless water heaters or furnaces. Financing of up to $5,000 at zero interest for up to five years is available. Customers pay back the loan to the city through their utility bills. There is a $3 monthly administrative fee.

The campaign will run through June 2014. It will be promoted through door-to-door visits, brochures and advertisements. A $50 credit is also available to customers who refer a friend.

More than 8,500 homes and businesses in Covington use natural gas.

Utilities Director Bill Meecham said the program is a win-win for the city and residents, as the city may get more customers and those customers will have a less expensive fuel source.


Citizen19 2 years, 4 months ago

Cant people not see this is a scam. Once the city has total control of all the gas market it can raise prices as it sees fit. This is bait an switch you like to put in a gas dryer and get the $50 rebate but what will all this gas cost? Also I feel that the CNG station is just wasting money and just as the BOC does once it finds out it can get a loan it grabs hold of it right away. Really how many natural gas vehicles will stop here to fuel up? What about the lost road tax thats figured into a gallon of gas? Those who have these wild ideas spend us in to a broken state.


tstark 2 years, 4 months ago

Seriously? You realize of course that if you can get a rebate for installing a gas dryer or hot water heater that its likely because there's already a natural gas line in front of your house. The capital investment is already spent. The City is offering a wise alternative to electricity. As to the CNG station and how many vehicles will stop there? All of them. There isn't another station close by!


deathtotaxes 2 years, 4 months ago

How about a rebate to us who are forced to buy our utilities from the city?


tstark 2 years, 4 months ago

I agree! We need to move to Monroe, or Oxford, or Lawrenceville, or Marietta. Oh wait, we'd have to buy utilities from those cities also, because there's no customer choice of utilities for the residential homeowner. What a drag!


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