Two arrested after gun scare at Covington McDonald's

COVINGTON — Two men were arrested following what one of the suspects described as a “misunderstanding” involving an air soft pistol around 2:30 a.m. Friday, according to the Covington Police Department.

Caleb Carter, 18, of 105 Mountain Ct., and Adam Miller, 18, of 3296 Colony Drive, Conyers, were both charged with disorderly conduct and shoplifting after a McDonald’s employee reported that one of them was in the McDonald’s parking lot on Industrial Boulevard, pointing a gun toward the road.

“The manager also stated that all of the employees were ducking down and hiding behind the counter,” the CPD report regarding the incident states.

CPD officers arrived at the scene and located one of the men, later identified as Carter, in the Walmart parking lot.

“I exited my patrol car and gave verbal commands for the male to keep his hands where I could see them,” the report states. “I asked the male where the gun was and he stated, ‘It’s an air soft gun. I think they (McDonald’s) misunderstood.’ I asked him again where the gun was and he pointed toward a concrete island. I could see the gun propped up against the concrete.”

Other officers arrived on the scene and Carter was asked if he had any other weapons, but stated he did not. One officer found a box cutter in his front, right pocket and he said he had used it to cut the packaging from around the air soft gun.

“(One of the officers) started to explain to him why it was so dangerous for him to walk around with a weapon that looked real; however, Carter interrupted (him) and said, ‘Don’t talk to me like that. I don’t care who you are.’ Carter then stepped toward (the officer) in an aggressive manner and that is when (the officer) handcuffed him,” the report states.

It was explained to Carter that he was under arrest for disorderly conduct based on the perceived threat of the McDonald’s employees and his aggression toward the officer.

Carter was also carrying a skateboard which had a Walmart price tag on it. When asked where he acquired it, he first said he bought it a few days ago, then he changed his story that he had bought it a few hours ago, but finally said he had stolen it from the Conyers Walmart.

Officers then located the second suspect, Miller, who had a gray electronics bag that appeared brand new.

“Inside the bag, he had an air soft gun identical to the one Carter had; however, it was still in the packaging,” the report states. He also had a laser mount and a container of BBs,” the report states.

The items were taken to Walmart where staff confirmed they were stolen from the store. The items were valued at $288.54 and were returned to Walmart.

In other crime news, Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the area of Waterford Road and Broken Branch Way in the Settlers Grove area around 9:30 Sunday night with reports of fighting and gun fire.

When they arrived in the area, they made contact with a 30-year-old victim who told them he was contacted from an anonymous number and asked to come to a friend’s house.

“When he got out at his friend’s house, he said a large number of people came out and begin striking him in the face,” said NCSO Public Information Officer Deputy Cortney Morrison, who added that he said he didn’t recognize any of the people and could not think of anyone who might have a problem with him.

The victim admitted he had previously dealt drugs, but said he had changed his lifestyle and no one he knew then would have any reason to come after him now.

“While deputies were on the scene, a witness came up who is the mother of two boys and she alleged that her two sons were having issues with each other and the victim had given one of her sons a gun to hurt the other one with,” Morrison said.

One of the two sons came to the scene and admitted that he did call the victim out because he was having an argument with his brother, but he maintained that he had left the area and when he returned he saw the group of people attacking the victim. “He said his brother and the victim have issues,” Morrison said.

The victim suffered a visible injury to his right eye and was checked and released by EMS at the scene.

“No weapon was ever located and there was no evidence to corroborate the gunshots that were called in,” Morrison said.

No arrests were made.


TruthDetector 2 years, 4 months ago

Maybe this McDonald's should be added to the Hollywood of the South tour stop. It's the second crime in as many months since the nutjob at the drive through disaster. Thanks again to the esteemed Chamber of Commerce. You love us so much you keep bringing in places that thugs like to frequent.


pt3000 2 years, 4 months ago

Do you really think that the Chamber of Commerce convienced McDonald's to locate in that particular location, first of all it is at an interstate exit right next to I-20, people traveling get off exits for gas and food which explains Wendy's and Taco Bell opening there as well as Quiktrip and Hampton Inn for the tired travelers. and just becasue a few nutjobs act like fools that isn't the Chambers responsibility.


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