Newton Citizen Poll for July 28, 2013

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“I want to tell the community how wonderful Keith Dalton is. He is the most honest; he started working when he was so small he had to stand on a stool to wash dishes at Henderson’s Restaurant. He started his business in high school and whatever he’s made, he made himself. He hires a a lot of people that need a chance, but the main thing is what he does for the community. That man votes to represent his constituents. I talked to him after the article that was in the paper about the license and he truly did not know. … I want people to know what he does for the community. That man cooks for 75 people at Christmas and Thanksgiving and furnishes all the food. He does this free every year. Every year he’s been doing this at the cancer Relay For Life. He had a booth that did barbecue and he paid for all the food and gave every bit of the profit to the Relay For Life. I don’t know know how many thousands of dollars he gave to that. … All you have to do is ask the man for a donation and he generally gives it.”


“As a long-time subscriber, I am disappointed in the ‘improvement’ of the Newton Citizen. First of all, why was Dr. Roach’s medical column removed? It seems to be worthwhile, the way it addresses specific medical problems. Secondly, why was the Saturday crossword puzzle removed from the Friday edition? And why was the Premier crossword puzzle removed from the Sunday edition? Crossword puzzles help me get my aging brain started in the morning. Lastly, we’re now missing some good comic strips, namely, ‘Bound and Gagged,’ ‘Mallard Fillmore’ and ‘Pros and Cons.’ A statement should be issued from those in charge of the Citizen as to exactly why these changes were made.”

Editor’s note: The changes in our content were made necessary by a decision to combine the copy desk function for all seven of our newspapers at one location. In order to make this possible, all seven newspaper editors had to agree on some common content elements. Each editor gained some and lost some. We have reinstated the health column, To Your Good Health, which will appear Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday on Page 2A. The Sunday crossword puzzle was omitted last week as an oversight and should resume publication this week. There will no longer be a Saturday crossword puzzle as it appeared on the TV listings page, which has been replaced with weekly TV listings.


“Now, after raising our taxes, there is a possibility the county commission will get a pay raise? Who would have ever thought it! Gun control, higher taxes and maybe a nice pay raise. Those folks are on a roll. How long has it been since county employees have had a pay raise? Four, five or six years? How long have county employees had furlough days, state and federal holidays they have to take off without pay? I bet we see the same commissioners pushing for the pay raise that pushed for the tax hike. They don’t care about the working men and women of this county anyway, just how much we can make and send to the courthouse. Those commissioners already have two strikes on them from gun control and higher taxes. Will this pay raise be strike three? We are watching.”


“Drove up and down Floyd Street (from 278 to the Square) three times last week and couldn’t help but notice how few (less than a handful) households were complying with the ‘no yard debris in the street’ regulation. They were way outnumbered by the multitudes of households that just seem to resist change. Maybe it is time for a door-to-door campaign or a rolling ‘bull horn’ announcement. I don’t live in the city of Covington but my debris is not left on the street — I take it to the recycle center or burn when I can.”


KmbrlyDvs 2 years, 4 months ago

Nice to see something positive in the poll for a change. To the OP, Keith Dalton is a wonderful person with a heart of gold!!


Bemused 2 years, 4 months ago

Do any of you griping about the commissioner's pay raise even read the articles about it? This was decided in 2001 when none of the current commissioners, with the exception of JC Henderson, were serving and you can bet your butt that ol' JC won't give up his raise. Schulz and Sims have already said that they don't want it and will give it back and Maddox has said he would give his to charity. If you're gonna get mad, at least be mad for the right reasons and at the right people: Chairman Aaron Varner, Commissioners Mort Ewing, Ronnie Dimsdale, Ester Fleming, J.C. Henderson, Billy Strickland.


dennistay53 2 years, 4 months ago

Probably first time ever but I have to agree with you on this comment. But it does need to be vetted by the commissioners as to whether it needs to be changed with the current conditions of the economy. We are in the shape we are now because of poor decisions by both republican and democrat past elected leaders. Things have to change because we are now a very poor county. 65% reduced and free lunch and over 10% unemployment proves this as a fact.


tstark 2 years, 4 months ago

The issue about Mr. Dalton is not about what he does for the community or how good a neighbor he is. The issue is that for nearly twenty five years, he has ignored the legal requirements of the City of Covington. Mr. Dalton is an elected representative for the people. He has knowledge of the city's requirements to pay for an occupational tax. Some people may not have a problem with this, but I do. I don't like elected representatives placing themselves above the laws that the rest of us have to follow. Good deeds do not excuse one's legal obligations.


John 2 years, 4 months ago

Have to agree here. There a lot of businesses that don't operate under a roof but on remote locations such as small general contractors (the guy that built my home did), framers, electricans, plumbers, HVAC, etc. and more than likely use part of their home to conduct & manage their business. I would be willing to bet a dime to a donut that they didn't forget to write off that portion of their home, associated utilites, telephone, maintainence, vehicles, etc. etc. etc. when they filed income tax each year.


termlimits 2 years, 4 months ago

"Gun control"??? This ordinance was not about gun control!! It was about shooting safety. I have a right to own a car but I do not believe I have a right to drive it in any manner I choose because the safety of others is involved. Driving laws outline that for me and everyone else. I own and shoot guns all the time but I have to consider there are other people living near me that could be injured if I do not exercise basic safety. Shooting laws and guidelines outline that for me. Neither driving or shooting laws are needed for me but there are idiots out there that do need guidelines. All that said, the new gun ordinance is less restrictive than the old. That's right - less restrictive. Read the old and the new very carefully and you'll see what I mean.


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