Letter: Huckaby's columns disguised as political attacks

Darrell Huckaby's columns disguised as political attacks

Darrell Huckaby has written several worthwhile columns recently -- only to befoul them with politically right-wing garbage. Why must a tribute to 19 heroic firefighters end with a cheap shot at President Obama? Columns dedicated, I believe, to Memorial Day and Fathers Day contained attacks on Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. If I've attributed these to the wrong columns, forgive me. I can't find them in a Citizen archive.

As is expected, many of his viewpoints are nothing more than political attacks complete with the latest Tea Party obfuscation. An article on tolerance was filled with intolerant commentary, including another lie about our president.

Can a Citizen editor limit his remarks to sales pitches for his books and his travel agency? Oh, I also enjoy his occasional "barefoot boy in Porterdale" stories.

-- Milt Longbottom, Conyers