Oxford College appoints Stubbs as AD

OXFORD -- Oxford College has plans to change its athletic landscape with newly appointed Rodderick Stubbs at the helm as their athletic director.

Stubbs had been Oxford's assistant athletic director since taking over as the men's head basketball coach in 2005.

As they head basketball coach, Stubbs is the winningest coach with over 120 wins. He set a school record for most wins in 2012, going 21-10, before breaking the record this year with a 23-8 record.

"My first year we went to the Sweet 16 and had a good group of student-athletes," Stubbs said. "In between we had a couple of up and down years but mainly we've been pretty competitive."

As athletic director, Stubbs is responsible to oversee Oxford's four DIII varsity teams which currently consist of a men and women's tennis team, a women's soccer team and a men's basketball team. He also wants to sure that they get the best student-athletes available.

"We want to recruit high-quality student athletes to Oxford of Emory," Stubbs said. "I give leadership with other coaches to help them to do that so the teams can be successful. So for the past eight years I've had the experience of doing some administrative work."

The next three to five years should see a lot of changes coming to Oxford's varsity athletic program as it plans to compete in four new sports.

The first sport to possibly get off the ground is men's soccer, followed by men's and women's cross country and then men's and women's golf.

"Right now (men's soccer) is a club sport and we think we can easily transition that into a varsity sport," Stubbs said. "The school acquired some property where they were going to put a cross county track. So in the next three to five years, we're almost going to double the number of sports. It's going to be a challenge but we think it's going to be very good for Oxford and the community."

The first thing Stubbs has to do is make sure the athletic department has the funds for the expansion. "We're looking at the possibility of hiring more coaches/instructors in the next couple of years. That will really allow us to expand," Stubbs said. "It was somewhat in the making with (former AD) Brandon Feldman, where he was thinking about expanding."

Stubbs played basketball for Morehouse College from 1989-1992 where he received his undergraduate degree in Business Management. While working towards his graduate degree in Sports Administration from Georgia State, where he graduated in 1995, Stubbs was an assistant basketball coach with his former coach, Arthur McAfee.

"I coached at Morehouse for 13 years until I had the opportunity to come here in 2005," Stubbs said. "I played for Morehouse College for four years and had a very successful career. My sophomore year we went to the NCAA DII Final Four. Going into my junior year we were ranked No. 1 in the nation by Sports Illustrated. I played under coach Arthur McAfee who just got inducted into the Athletic Directors Hall of Fame last month."

Stubbs is also leading Oxford College into more community involvement activities, which are now under the umbrella of the Center for Healthful Living.

"It's something new and innovative," Stubbs said. "The Center for Healthful Living is trying to promote healthful living within the student body and the community through activities, credit-bearing courses and varsity athletics. We also have Play Oxford which was a program established by Peter Sherrard. The students, for part of the semester, do different physical activities for the first half (semester), then the second half they take an actual credit-bearing course to get them involved in a lot of different activities."