Missing Newton County woman believed to have fled to Seattle

Sarah Hannah York

Sarah Hannah York

COVINGTON -- Although 24-year-old Sarah Hannah York of Newton County is still listed as a missing person, Newton County Sheriff's Office investigators have determined no foul play was involved in her disappearance, according to Capt. Keith Crum.

"There is not a criminal violation. No law has been broken, but she is still a missing person," Crum said.

He said investigators believe she is in the Seattle, Wash., area.

"She got some money, went to Conyers, purchased a bus ticket and headed to Seattle," he said. "There was no sign of duress and she didn't appear to have anyone with her."

Crum said the initial bus ticket was to Atlanta and was purchased on June 18. After arriving in Atlanta, she bought a second ticket to Seattle and was to have arrived there on June 24.

Crum said the King County Sheriff's Office and the Seattle Police Department have been notified that York has been reported missing in Newton County.

The woman allegedly left her residence on Rutherford Place in Social Circle sometime between June 21 and 24, after having an argument with her mother. It was unknown whether she left walking or was picked up.

The mother told investigators when her daughter left she told her not to call the police or attempt to look for her because she was grown and she would never see her again. She said that her daughter had recently attempted to get a birth certificate in order to obtain an ID and had been asking questions that led her to believe her daughter may have planned to leave the state.

Her mother described York as having the mental capacity of a 12-year-old; however, despite having been mentally evaluated numerous times, she had not been medically diagnosed with diminished mental capacity, according to the NCSO BOLO that was issued in connection with her disappearance.