Porterdale offers home buyer incentives

PORTERDALE — The city of Porterdale is offering an incentive program for homebuyers.

The program has been approved by the Porterdale City Council and brochures are being created to attract potential buyers.

“If a current resident wished to participate, they would be able to,” Mayor Arline Chapman said. “We may have renters who would like to buy their own home when they realize the ultimate outcome of this process. Any home that is for sale would be eligible.”

Incentives include waiving of building permits, free sanitation service for three months, free outside painting and free house numbers. In addition, Chapman pointed out that Porterdale has an additional homestead tax exemption of $10,000.

To be eligible, a homebuyer must agree to occupy the home for at least five years.

Chapman said the intent is to attract new people to the city who are interested in participating in the renaissance of a historic area.

“Little by little, we’re hoping to bring more owner occupants,” Chapman said.

“We have many responsible landlords that rent their homes to people that care about them,” Chapman said, but added that “we have the opposite side of the coin: ones that don’t particularly care and are not interested in following the ordinances.”

Prospective homebuyers are encouraged to talk with local banks to learn more about financing options. Tax credits are available to renovate historic homes and there will be special considerations for veterans and those with modest incomes. Also there is mortgage rate and down payment assistance for eligible buyers.

For more information, call City Manager Bob Thompson at 912-308-2775. A Facebook page, www.facebook.com/PorterdaleHomeBuyingIncentiveProgram, is also in the works.