Covington city manager recovering from heart attack

Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight is recovering from a heart attack. - File Photo

Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight is recovering from a heart attack. - File Photo

COVINGTON -- City Manager Leigh Anne Knight, 45, suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Florida this week.

Knight was still hospitalized Friday at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City, Fla.

On Friday, Knight said she was still weak but doing better and ready to get home.

"I'm feeling a lot better," she said.

Her husband, Scott Knight, said she may be released to come home today. Tests revealed multiple blood clots in Knight's heart and she is on medication to bust up the clots, her husband said. He added that she has no history of heart disease and that her cholesterol, blood work and blood pressure have been normal.

Knight began experiencing pain in her jaw and numbness in her left arm after having dinner with friends and family Monday night, her husband said. Though her blood work and electrocardiogram was normal, she was admitted to the hospital because she was in excruciating pain, he said. Additional tests revealed her cardiac enzymes were abnormal. A heart catheterization showed no blockages but multiple blood clots, he said.

Knight is on high doses of blood thinning medication to dissolve the clots.

Knight left the intensive care unit Thursday. She will be under treatment by her local doctors once she returns to Covington, he said.

Deputy City Manager Billy Bouchillon is acting as city manager in Knight's absence.

Knight was appointed city manager in February. She was hired as the city's finance director in 2009. Knight has been serving as both city manager and finance director during the past five months.