Jailer hurt in scuffle with inmate

COVINGTON — A detention deputy with the Newton County Detention Center was injured about 8:30 p.m. Saturday when an inmate allegedly assaulted him.

According to Newton County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison, the incident occurred when, following a disturbance, the detention officer was putting the inmates in his pod on lockdown.

“One inmate refused to go into his cell,” Morrison said. “All the others went into their cells as requested, but he went and sat in front of the deputy’s desk, not complying with the lawful command to lock down. After repeated commands to the inmate to go into lockdown, the detention deputy came from around the desk and pepper-sprayed the inmate.”

Morrison said the inmate then jumped up and began to swing with closed fists, striking the detention officer. Other officers came to assist the injured deputy and the inmate was then placed in custody without incident, she said.

The inmate, Terrence Chambers, 27, was charged with felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer. He was being held at the detention center on charges of forgery, giving false statements to law enforcement officers, identity fraud and parole violation.

The 24-year-old detention deputy was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where he was treated and released. He has worked with the NCSO for approximately 10 months.


jwm1955 2 years, 7 months ago

No doubt this one inmate has a mental problem to cause this to happen. Thank God there was no riot that broke out in this pod, and the deputy is ok. I think it is sad funds for the mentally ill are not in the budgets, this inmate should have been held in mental institution.


Southside 2 years, 7 months ago

Being a stupid thug is mental illness?


Frustrated 2 years, 7 months ago

Maybe I missed it but where does it say the inmate had a mental problem? Sounds like he was just being a thug and didnt want to do what he was told to do. He was in on PAROLE VIOLATION, among other charges, which means he was already in prison once. Why should he be sent to a mental instituion when he evidently doesnt want to follow rules like everyone else?


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