Former mayor donates fountain to city

This fountain is being donated to the city of Covington by former Mayor Sam Ramsey. - Special Photo

This fountain is being donated to the city of Covington by former Mayor Sam Ramsey. - Special Photo

COVINGTON -- Former Mayor Sam Ramsey is donating a fountain to the city of Covington.

Ramsey approached the City Council at its Jan. 22 meeting about donating a fountain taken from his home pool to the city. Ramsey said he would like to place the fountain in the tree well outside his store, Ramsey Furniture Company, on the Square, and would pay for the installation.

However, some council members were hesitant about that location. Mayor Ronnie Johnston said the city has spent more than $100,000 on redoing the tree wells and planting trees downtown, and the intent is to have a uniform look there.

"One of the things that concerns me about this is if we allow this one to go then somebody else may say, 'I want to put a sandbox outside my store in the tree well' and we then have a precedence issue, in my opinion," he said.

Councilwoman Janet Goodman said that, "We work so hard to get consistency downtown. That's why we would prefer you to put it somewhere else."

Although Ramsey said he thinks the fountain will "add more to the looks of downtown" than a tree, he agreed to still donate the fountain, but said he wouldn't pay for the installation if it is in another location.

The council agreed to accept the donation with the stipulation that Planning Director Randy Vinson work with Ramsey to determine a place to put the fountain other than the Square.

"We are looking at two different locations at City Hall," Vinson said Monday. "One on the Emory Street frontage where the landscaping is in place to work perfectly with the 6 foot tall, 32-inch diameter fountain. The other is on the Stalling Street frontage in the plaza area outside the door. This location will require more landscaping and hardscaping improvements to make it look right, so will obviously cost more. We haven't done cost estimates yet. We will present the two options to the council as soon as we have the estimates, perhaps at next week's meeting."


John 2 years, 7 months ago

Hey here is a third suggestion for consideration - stick in the middle of Covington's first turn a about (a.k.a. turnaround or circus in Great Britain) & pump water to it from Turner Lake rather than our drinking water supply reservoir (Lake Varner is still well below full pool).


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