Alcovy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry relocates to new space in Covington

Dr. Travis Hampton stands in one of the treatment rooms at his practice, Alcovy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, located at 9164 Dr. M L King Jr. Avenue in Covington.

Dr. Travis Hampton stands in one of the treatment rooms at his practice, Alcovy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, located at 9164 Dr. M L King Jr. Avenue in Covington.

When a patient walks through the door of Dr. Travis Hampton's office, the longtime Covington dentist doesn't see just another person seeking dental care. He sees a mother, a grandfather, a sister, an uncle.

"Our number one philosophy is to treat patients like family," Hampton said.

Hampton recently relocated his dentistry practice, Alcovy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, to 9164 Dr. ML King Jr. Ave. He plans to expand by adding another dentist to his practice later in the year.

"New patients are going through the roof," Hampton said.

Hampton started practicing family dentistry in Covington in 1992, shortly after he earned his doctor of dental medicine from Augusta Medical College. He said he chose Newton County because he liked the location and thought it had potential for growth.

"I've seen a lot of kids who have grown up and are now bringing their kids to see me," Hampton said.

Hampton has dedicated himself to furthering his education in the field of dentistry.

He holds a fellowship award, earned only by 4 percent of dentists nationwide, which is bestowed by the Academy of General Dentistry to those obtaining more than 500 hours of continuing education.

Hampton also earned the mastership award, given to those dentists who've completed over 1,100 hours of continuing education in areas such as orthodontics, periodontics, and implant dentistry. Less than 2 percent of dentists in the U.S. are masters in the Academy of General Dentistry.

Hampton offers all of the typical services one might expect from a family dentist -- such as check-ups and fillings -- as well as root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures and partials. He makes an extra effort to ensure that patients are properly sedated should they be anxious about procedures.

He also specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can provide patients with veneers, bonding, dental implants, invisible braces and bleaching, as well BriteSmile tooth whitening, Cerec porcelain crowns, and Teeth in an Hour, which provides patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants.

Hampton said he particularly enjoys helping people, who are suffering from discomfort due to dental problems, especially senior citizens with ill-fitting dentures.

"The number one thing I like to do is to get someone out of pain," Hampton said. "But the second thing I like is to make smiles better."

Patients see Hampton for a variety of cosmetic reasons including missing teeth, gaps between teeth, general bite dysfunction, chipped, cracked or worn teeth, stained or washed-out fillings, permanently stained or discolored teeth and crooked or crowded teeth.

Sometimes when Hampton asks patients to smile so he can take a "before" photo, they can't.

"They've learned how to hide their teeth because they are embarrassed of their smile," Hampton said.

Restoring the attractiveness of patients' teeth often changes their outlook, said Hampton.

"They've learned to smile again and it restores their confidence," Hampton said.

To learn more, call 770-784-7030 or visit www.alcovydental.com.