Students taken to hospitals after bus accident

COVINGTON -- More than 30 elementary school students were transported to area hospitals Tuesday afternoon after one school bus ran into another one.

After the school day Tuesday, a bus apparently ran into the back end of another bus on Ga. Highway 162 near Rocky Plains Elementary School, according to the Newton County School System. The two buses involved were Bus Route 142 and Bus Route 106, both transporting students from Rocky Plains.

"Initial indication is that the first bus was stopping to unload passengers when it was hit in the rear by the second bus," according to the Georgia State Patrol, which was investigating the accident.

More than 30 students with minor injuries were transported to Newton Medical Center via a school bus; one student and one driver were transported via ambulance, according to NCSS. Additionally, four people were taken to Rockdale Medical Center, according to Kerri Glover, director of Marketing and Business Development for RMC.

Students who were not injured were transported back to Rocky Plains to be picked up by their parents or a different school bus to be taken home.

NCSS reported that the school notified parents after the accident about the students who were transported to the hospital.

The school system had no other information as of press time Tuesday.


John 1 year, 3 months ago

I vote for annual testing of school bus drivers skills and monitoring by the NCSS throughout the school year. Far too many drivers, certainly not all, drive like they do their personal automobilie or minivan and just pull out in front of uncoming traffic 'cause they have a "big yella'" bus, speed through subdivisions picking-up students and especially dropping them off 'cause they are in a hurry to git home. These drivers need to be reminded they are transporting other peoples children and need to following the DDS manual laws, rules, regulations. Oh, I have reported the bus numbers, dates and times to the school system on several occassions - the same bus continues to speed - someone just ain't doing their job. Me thinks these reports fall on deaf ears. We have no children in NCSS & when we did Mom drove them to school until they earned the priviledge to drive themselves (and when they messed up Mom again drove them to school for awhile - how embarrasing - but it worked).


WISEOWL 1 year, 3 months ago

This school is so unprofessional. They never contacted any parents and my daughter was on one of the buses. They even had her name wrong and it was up to me to figure out where my child was. This is not over by a long shot.


kt 1 year, 3 months ago

This scares me to death. What if, god forbid, we have an incident like Newtown? If they can't figure out who is who on a BUS, in a more controlled situation, and alert those parents to a problem, there are way greater issues here then bad drivers. What if your kid had a life threatening medication allergy?

I'm mad for you. And for your baby. I hope she's ok.


will 1 year, 3 months ago

I understand your frustration but have you seen some of the names these kids are given, Tarikashamina, Rosariocamisha, Standardarious, just look in the police reports and you will laugh until it hurts. What ever happened to Bob or John or Jane or Kathy? I hope your kid is fine, it sounds like the bus driver got the worst injuries. You say it not over by a long shot, I hope you do not seek financial gain from this.


gobraves 1 year, 3 months ago

What do you expect from a Government school? Name a program the government does well? Keep sending your kids to be indoctrinated by the government!


Covingtonian 1 year, 3 months ago

Whenever an incident happens you begin to hear things and I heard from a former bus driver that after NCSS laid off some of their drivers that the ones left to transport students are now under time restraints to have the students at designated schools at designated times. this may be the reason for a driver rushing through your neighborhoods or speeding up to make a yellow traffic light. When kids hold a bus up for any reason whether boarding late or taking their time to get off the bus it can cost precious minutes when it happens after several stops. I would like to hear from a current driver as to this time limit constraint whether it is true or not? by the way I am not defending dangerous driving or speeding but I am not ready to through the drivers under the proverbial bus without hearing their sides of the story.


John 1 year, 2 months ago

Don't buy the time constraint issue. Think for a minute, the driver is dropping of students which means children are home and out & about in a neighboorhood with no sidewalks. Those big yellow buses do not stop on a dime or six pense as the ysay in GB.. By the way, I know this, the speeding issue, especially when the bus is empty & heading to the barn has been going on since 1996 - when we moved to Newton County (no budget issues until 2008). Those precious minutes mean absolutley nothing when it comes to safety.


MamaTurd 1 year, 3 months ago

No bus should speed up for a yellow light that's stupid. Some people just don't think. You know they have those little lives in their hands. I mean really people. Hopefully all the children hurt have a speedy recovery. Sorry to hear about your daughter wise owl hope she is OK.


dennistay53 1 year, 2 months ago

@Covingtonian- I'm probably the last one expected to say this since we never agree on anything- But your post is a very good post.. In budget cuts this school system is cutting in the wrong areas. Even conservatives like myself support schools. The property owners in this county are supporting this school system to the limit of the law (maxed out Millage) What are we getting for this money? Cuts where we don't need to be cutting. Cutting teachers, cutting bus drivers,> I just think teachers and safety of our children are more important than executive salaries increases and no cutting of executives during budget cuts. I even believe we could be waiting a year or two or more in building some of these schools. Yes- it should for sure investigated as to whether these drivers are having to take safety shortcuts in their routes as well as all other safety concerns. Money from other areas need to be diverted to teachers and safety of the students.


Frustrated 1 year, 2 months ago

I wonder how many of these parents that claim they werent called have changed cell phone numbers a dozen times since they gave it to the school? Seems like some people change cell numbers more often than they change their underwear.


FatherofThree 1 year, 2 months ago

I've had the same mobile number for 6 years now, and newton county schools has no problem ever reaching me multiple times a week to sell something or beg me to come to a meeting regarding a school my kids don't go to.

My wife was at the school and they were telling her that they had no idea what buses were involved in the accident and this was after the kids that were not injured were already back at the school, luckily my 2 children that ride the bus that was hit were in the group not injured.


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