Georgia Power offers heat pump rebate

Georgia Power is offering a new heat pump rebate. Single-family residential customers can receive the rebate by converting from gas heat to an electric heat pump or a dual-fuel heat pump system.

Two rebates will be offered based on the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of the heat pump. SEER rating is used to measure the efficiency of the unit; the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient. Customers can receive a $400 rebate for 15 SEER, or a $200 rebate for 13 to 14.9 SEER heat pumps. This offer is valid for equipment installed by Aug. 31, 2013. For additional rebate details visit www.georgiapower.com/heatpump.

Heat pumps operate efficiently year-round because they use energy to move heat, not make it. During winter weather, a heat pump pulls heat from outside and moves it inside the home. Alternatively, during summer months, it pulls heat from inside the home and moves it outside.

By moving heat, the heat pump offers added benefits such as no flame or combustion, long-term operation cost reductions, and year-round efficiency and energy savings.

Customers may also be eligible for a federal tax credit when purchasing an electric heat pump. They should contact their tax advisor for details.