Covington author publishes leadership book

Clarence Callaway Sr. of Covington recently published his first book, "21st Century Leadership: Now What? Even Strong Leaders Struggle." Callaway, who holds over 30 years of experience in K-12 education, shares his thoughts pertaining to the challenges leaders face daily while maintaining their roles as principals and managers.

The book includes chapters on overcoming fears and establishing oneself as a leader; managing the business of education and building relationships within the business; a leader's perspective -- personal versus professional, and intimidation versus talent; and team building and being a role model.

Callaway served DeKalb County schools for 38 years in the roles of teacher, principal and system administrator. He also worked as the director of the Drop-out Prevention program for the DeKalb Work Force.

He holds a bachelor's degree in health and physical education from Auburn University and a specialist's degree in administration and supervision and leadership from Georgia State University.

Callaway recently became a certified trainer for the Centers for Teacher Effectiveness at Time to Teach and Parental Empowerment by the A.J. Novick Group. He now serves as a mentor to young leaders, speaker to leadership classes and facilitator of parental empowerment classes. He may contacted at 770-778-2472 or clarencecallawayspeaks@yahoo.com.