Covington's public safety officials offer new community outreach

New signage will replace the older 'watch' signs as the new S.C.A.N. program gets under way. - Special photo

New signage will replace the older 'watch' signs as the new S.C.A.N. program gets under way. - Special photo

COVINGTON -- The Covington public safety community has come up with a new, improved twist on a tried and true program.

As part of the city's strategic action plan to promote Covington as a safe environment, a team made up of personnel from the Covington Police Department, the Covington Fire Department and Covington Newton County 911 has developed a new program entitled S.C.A.N. -- an acronym for Safer Covington Action Network.

"It is similar to a traditional Neighborhood Watch-style partnership between the police and the community," said CPD Public Information Officer Capt. Ken Malcom. "However, S.C.A.N.'s program offers much more. It incorporates the resources of the entire city of Covington Public Safety Community as well."

S.C.A.N.'s mission is to gather and distribute important information to and from the community by educating residents and business owners in areas of crime prevention, fire prevention, crime reporting skills and other quality-of-life issues. Also, Malcom said it is designed to simply make each citizen feel that they live in a safer community.

"An essential method to deliver this program's mission is through face-to-face sessions with neighborhood groups," he said. "Many of the 'watch' groups in Covington have become dormant. It is our hope that this new style of program will energize the established groups to begin meeting again and invite our S.C.A.N. team to be an added resource for their group. We also hope new groups will form and we can have an opportunity to forge new partnerships with these new groups."

An added component to this program is that city leaders will attend the community meetings on a regular basis as well.

"We are excited about S.C.A.N.'s potential. This is a project that we feel can enhance the quality of life of our residents," Malcom said.

The team is in the process of replacing the older "watch" signs throughout the city with the new S.C.A.N. signs. Anyone who is interested in the S.C.A.N. project should call Malcom at 770-385-2126 or email him at ken.malcom@covingtonpolice.com. You can also message him through the Covington Police Facebook or Twitter pages.


insideye 2 years, 10 months ago

Blah-Blah-Blah! Isn't this the 2nd time the CPD has tried to launch this "do nothing" program. I anticipate about the same result as they had on the first time they marketed this program - NOTHING! Word of advise: the people who live in their community have to WANT to participate. The problem neighborhoods in Covington are inhabited by people who simply don't care and who will not get involved when police ask for their help. My suggestion is to flood these neighborhoods with officers/detectives/inspectors/etc.. that will get rid of the problem makers (thugs, deadbeat parents, unethical landlords, etc). It's not going to happen by asking citizens of these neighborhoods to take responsibility. Heck - the good citizens in these neighborhoods are scared to death and are relying on law enforcement to do their jobs. Get out from behind your desk Captain Malcom and join the fight.


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