Newton Citizen Poll for Jan. 20, 2013

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"Newton County has instituted smoking bans in its parks, restaurants and most public places, but when I went to visit a friend at the hospital, there were several people on the steps and several more on the sidewalks smoking. I had to walk through noxious fumes in order to get into the hospital. Is this the image the hospital wants to project to the community? Most other health care facilities have gone to non-smoking campuses. Why are the administrators of Newton Medical not following suit?"

"I would like to say thank you to all that have worked a long, hard 40-hour week, who pay taxes and love the American dream. From you I was able to stock my pantry full of food from my EBT card, pay my car note, wireless bill and put some clothes on my overweight backside. Thank you. Oh P.S., now things are even better. I can buy firewood on my EBT card, can buy Hunt Brothers pizzas, Philly cheese steaks from our local gas stations and they are so nice, they cook it for free. Man, if this keeps up, I can have one more kid. That's what it's all about."

"Since the hospital is now operating at a surplus, how about putting the ambulance up and running at night at the fire station above my house on Flat Shoals Road. That's right. I've heard all about there not being an ambulance in this area at night anymore."

"This is in answer to the person who called me a 'hater' because of my comments about Obama and Chief Justice Roberts on 1-13-13. I am not a hater nor a racist. I do not care what color Obama is. I am concerned with what he has and is doing to our great nation. Roberts is two-faced. He said in the past what he thought we conservatives wanted to hear. Then when we needed his support on Obamacare, he stabbed us in the back. I have even supported him with donations prior to what he did. In case the person who disagreed with what I said, isn't aware -- we still have freedom of speech, as an amendment, but with Obama, who knows how long that will last."


John 2 years, 10 months ago

Here are a few things you EBT card can never buy - respects, sel-esteem, pride & true friends. For free, here is something to think about "Whatcha" gonna do when the well goes dry?"


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