Residents of Covington Place victims of burglaries, entering auto incidents

COVINGTON -- Covington Police reported a rash of entering autos and burglaries in the Covington Place subdivision Tuesday night and during the day Wednesday.

"There's been a definite spike in criminal activity in that area," said CPD Public Information Officer Capt. Ken Malcom Thursday morning. "It started out with entering autos and there were several burglaries yesterday. At this point we can't say the burglaries and entering autos are connected, but it's something we're looking into, and the odds are, there is a connection."

Reports indicated that in several instances burglaries were foiled when burglar alarms sounded, apparently scaring away would-be intruders.

In the case of entering autos, in one instance more than $1,000 worth of electronics and a pistol were taken, but in most other cases only small amounts of change were found to be missing.

Malcom said he would remind the public that they should secure their valuables and vehicles at night because usually in the case of entering autos, it is a crime of opportunity.

"They just go from house to house checking for unlocked cars," he said.

The CPD is asking anyone who may have information or who saw anything related to these incidents to call them at 770-786-7605; go to their website at www.covingtonpolice.com; contact them through email, Facebook or Twitter; or use the mobile to mobile app called tipsubmit.