Letter: Supporting local businesses helps us all

As an owner of two businesses dealing with the public here in Rockdale County, I am making an impassioned plea to our taxpaying citizens to get out and give your support to our local business base.

Earlier this week I tried to call Donna Marie's Pizza on West Avenue to place a to-go order. I was told that the number was no longer in service. I went by on the way home thinking that this had to be just a mistake of some sort. To my shock, I arrived to find an empty parking lot and a darkened and empty business front. Donna Marie's was gone and out of business.

This was a nice family-owned local business with a history of over 20 years here in our community, always recognized for serving great food in a friendly, warm atmosphere. Gone now because of dwindling support from you and me and others in the area.

How many other long-term local businesses must we lose before we wake up and realize without all our support we endanger the quality of life that we recognized as the reason for moving here years ago? We realize that we all use "the economy" as the reason for not doing things we took for granted just a few months ago.

The old adage "You can't take it with you" strikes home every day. Please loosen your clutch on a few dollars this week, go by a local business and spend a few dollars. But just as importantly tell the business owner you appreciate his efforts to keep his doors open so you can enjoy Rockdale and Newton counties as we all grow older.

-- Frank Scott

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