Newborn considers Sunday package sales

NEWBORN - The Newborn Town Council is considering the possibility of allowing alcohol package sales on Sunday.

Representatives with the Citgo gas station in town, known as the Quik Stop, have approached officials about allowing Sunday sales. Since Sunday sales went into effect in the county on Jan. 1, representatives from the gas station told officials they're worried that some of their customers will go outside city limits for purchases.

"We've got the town attorney looking into it. We don't know just where it's going," said Mayor Roger Sheridan. The council will wait for the attorney to complete his research before making a decision.

Attorney Joe Reitman said the request was limited to Sunday package sales and does not include by-the-drink Sunday sales. Reitman said the mayor and council would need to pass a resolution to put the matter on the ballot for citizens to approve or disapprove.

Also, the town has a design completed and is preparing to bid the installation of sidewalks along Ga. Hwy. 142, from Hwy. 229 to Dollar General.

"We get a lot of people walking from Hilltop down (Hwy.) 213 and (Hwy.) 229 and it's dangerous," Sheridan explained. Sheridan said the project is being funded through SPLOST revenues.

SPLOST revenues have also resulted in all of Newborn's streets now being paved, he said.

"We had three things on our SPLOST for 2011: a park or parks; transportation and sidewalks or paving; and doing exterior work on the old schoolhouse," he said.

A park has been created beside Town Hall and is "in beautiful shape," Sheridan said. The park includes swings, grills, horseshoes, a walking path and a large pavilion. With the paving work now completed, installing sidewalks and finishing up the exterior work on the schoolhouse are the projects that remain. The schoolhouse project will be put out to bid this summer, he said. The building has already undergone structural repairs.

In other news, for the second time in about a year, thieves made off with copper from the historic Newborn schoolhouse, Sheridan said. The theft is believed to have occurred Wednesday night and a report has been filed with the Newton County Sheriff's Office. Sheridan said there was no other damage to the building.

Copper thefts aside, the town has lots of positive projects going on, Sheridan said. "It's all good stuff. It's all stuff people can notice and use, and it affects the climate of the town," he said.