Student charged with having knife on campus

CONYERS -- An 18-year-old student at the Open Campus on West Avenue was arrested Wednesday and charged with possession of a knife on campus.

An officer with the Conyers Police Department was at the school, which is in a former shopping center, Wednesday morning when he was approached by the principal, who said he had seen two students hide behind a yellow box-style truck in the parking lot.

Officers questioned the students, who said they were "hanging out" because they had missed part of class and they were waiting for their next class to begin. When questioned by police, Joseph O'Neill, of 1769 Hickory St., Conyers, allegedly admitted that he had a knife in his backpack.

Police found a folded pocket knife with a 3-inch blade in his backpack. O'Neill reportedly said he didn't know he couldn't have a knife at school.

He was arrested, charged with carrying a weapon within a school safety zone, and taken to the Rockdale County Jail.

The other student was not charged.