Jack Simpson: Best wishes, Secretary Clinton



Wish Clinton well instead of accusing

A wise man once said, "politics is a dirtier job than cleaning toilets." Yes, it is a dirty business, rough and petty, and it is show business. Politics actually gets in the way of doing the people's business. Why? Well, because politics has rules, but too many individuals involved break and bend the rules.

Benghazi, Libya, is an example of what may result when politicians get involved. Just look at all the jokes directed toward Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton when she sent her regrets to Congress saying she could not testify about the events in Benghazi following the death of a U.S. ambassador and three others.

Members of Congress and the media wanted to know was it or wasn't it a terrorist attack linked to al-Qaida? Was it caused by reaction to a film?

Clinton said she could not testify due to a fall and concussion received following recovery from the flu. Her admirers appreciated her years of public service to her country and took her at her word. She was ill, no doctor's excuse needed.

Others smiled and accused her of having a diplomatic illness, a very convenient virus. They speculated on her political reasons for not giving testimony. Rumors spread -- she was a faker protecting the president and the administration. Americans wanted answers and were only getting the runaround.

Some of the speculation about the secretary's health status was recently resolved. Doctors have advised that Clinton has a blood clot between her skull and brain, and her fall may have been a contributing factor. After being hospitalized, she was placed on blood thinners, is under care and resting now at home.

Skeptics take notice. A most admired American woman may not be the faker you thought she was. Maybe she deserves everyone's best wishes and prayers for a full recovery. We need to thank her for doing a good job. The former first lady will leave her present post soon and, when able, will probably give the desired testimony before Congress. Outraged voices still want to know why the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi did not receive the help he had asked for when needed. They believe the president is trying to hide incompetence in his administration and many think Clinton can provide some answers to outstanding questions.

In the meantime, we must remember that doctors claim Clinton has cerebral venous thrombosis and it is "life-threatening." It could have serious complications. It is not a fake illness. A stroke could result.

With treatment, blood thinners, rest, and care, Clinton's prognosis is good. Maybe now is the time to stop the dirty politics and allow a dedicated public servant a chance to rest. Testimony on Benghazi can wait. Everyone wishes Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery. We hope she suffers no further neurological damage,and her return to work is productive.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author, and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.