Sockwell, Sewell roads flooded in Newton County; no further flooding expected

COVINGTON -- There was flooding reported over Sockwell Road Wednesday morning, but according to Deputy Director Jody Nolan of Newton County Emergency Risk/Management that should just about be the extent of flooding in the county.

Also Sewell Road down near the Morgan County line has experienced flooding for several days due to a creek that has overflowed, Nolan said.

"The only other place we're keeping an eye on is Riverside Mobile Home Park, but the campers and trailers are now out of the flood area. They don't put them down in that line anymore," he said, referring to flooding that plagued that vicinity along the Yellow River in recent years.

Nolan said the National Weather Service had predicted that the Yellow River would crest without causing further flooding around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

He estimated that the area has received 6 to 8 inches of rain in the past three to four weeks.

"With the rains we received, plus rain that was received north of us, we were expecting some flooding because of how much the river was up after the last rain," he said. "This should just about bring us out of drought conditions."