C.A.R.E. to provide house numbers to Porterdale residents

COVINGTON -- Porterdale residents will soon be the recipients of a small, inexpensive gift that could be the difference between life and death in the case of an emergency.

City Councilwoman Linda Finger and members of the board of directors for C.A.R.E. (Community Assistance Relief Effort) have decided to provide house numbers for every house in the village.

"When I founded the program it was more about people who couldn't pay their utilities. This is kind of different," Finger said, adding that a new ordinance will soon be passed that will require house numbers on each home.

"We feel like it's a safety issue if an emergency worker is trying to find a specific house. We decided it was something we can take on," she said. "This will be a way of bringing a lot of the houses into compliance on this issue ... and it will help emergency workers get to them sooner."

Finger said over the years many houses have lost their numbers and residents often don't think about the consequences of not having visible numbers.

"I'd be willing to bet half the houses in the village don't have numbers," she said. "And we have so many back alleys, we'll need to put numbers on both sides of the house. If you have an ambulance in front of the house and they can't carry the patient out the front door, they have to go around to the back and have to be able to find these houses."

Finger said a notice will go out in water bills to let residents know when they can come to city hall to sign up for the numbers.

"If the elderly need help in installing them on their houses, we'll help them. Anyone who can do their own, we're asking them to do that as we don't have the manpower for everyone," she said. "We're hoping to get a lot of good response from it. Typically C.A.R.E. doesn't do a whole lot with rental property, but on this particular project, we're going to cover the whole city so we know everybody is taken care of on this."