Letter: Thanks to two local heroes

Every child needs heroes. My son had two -- Sheriff Guy Norman and Judge Sidney Nation.

Many years ago my son, who had ADHD and was later diagnosed with autism, started getting into minor troubles. One of the times he got into trouble, the therapist we were seeing recommended I talk to Guy Norman, who at that time was a juvenile officer. I called him many times for advice and he went beyond the call of duty to help us. One particular time I called about 10 p.m. as we felt our son was having another problem. He answered the phone as if it was 2 in the afternoon. He made a suggestion that I call then-Magistrate Judge Sidney Nation.

It seems there was a new type of warrant out that was called a "Good Behavior" warrant. You listed things you expected your child to do and things he had to also do as consequences of the past behavior. I think I also called Judge Nation at night as we felt like this was an emergency situation. He was as calm as Mr. Norman and told me to bring my son by his office the next day. We did just that and he sternly talked to him about what the consequences would be if he did not follow our rules. It worked! Things started to improve, and I kept in contact with Judge Nation and Guy Norman for months after that.

My son now has his own business and is happy and well. I am sorry I didn't get to thank Guy Norman before his death.

Guy Norman and Judge Sidney Nation were tough -- but always fair. We will never be able to replace either of them in this community. Thank both of you for being our family's heroes.

-- Carole Rushing