THE RECIPE BOX: This quick, tasty fruit dip recipe is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday

Fruit dip can be made, chilled and ready to serve in about an hour.

Fruit dip can be made, chilled and ready to serve in about an hour.

A couple of readers have emailed me and said they tried the meatloaf recipe we ran a couple of weeks ago and they liked it. One reader said her niece suggested adding a few strips of bacon to the top of the meatloaf -- she did and loved it. She even sent me a picture.

I've run into a couple of people in the community who said they didn't know they could submit recipes. I said to one lady at Kroger, "By all means, please submit your recipes." If I've said it once in this food column, I've said it a thousand times, often the story behind the recipe is better than the recipe itself.

So, onto this week's featured recipe -- fruit dip. I intended to run this before Super Bowl Sunday, but I figured it is easy enough to stir together and serve the day of the game.

Fresh fruit by itself is glorious enough. But there are those occasions when you need a little something else, so mix some cream cheese and marshmallow creme together to get a sweet and fluffy dip to serve at your next gathering.

Try substituting the marshmallow creme for Greek yogurt. For my recipe, I used a strawberry flavored cream cheese; you can use plain instead. Add a drop or two of vanilla flavoring and you've got a creamier dip.

I've had both a yogurt-based fruit dip and a marshmallow creme-based dip and they are both delicious. The only difference is one is a little sweeter than the other.

Fruit Dip

Start to finish: 1 hour and 5 minutes

8 ounces of Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese, softened

7 ounces of marshmallow creme

Mix together the cream cheese and the marshmallow creme in a small bowl.

Refrigerate for at least one hour and serve with fresh fruit.

Tip: Instead of serving the fruit on a platter, put it on bamboo skewers for easy dipping.