Newton Citizen Poll for Feb. 3, 2013

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"Covington's search for a new city manager has turned into a debacle and an embarrassment to its citizens. It reminds me of Bill Campbell, a past Atlanta mayor, who served time in a federal pen for corruption. Campbell searched the whole country looking for the best qualified person to fill the Atlanta police chief's position. The amazing part of this scenario is that he found this person who was his personal limo driver sitting next to him (Beverly Howard). Look at the similarities: Two of the three finalists for the city manager's job happened to be in City Hall right under the mayor's nose. ...."

"I am a handicapped Vietnam veteran, and I read one of the best comments that I have ever read in your Sunday Citizen Poll. The comment pertained to the desecration of the deceased veteran's monument located in the city square in Covington. I, too, have observed all the desecration the writer described. I have also observed filming crews drive trucks over the black graves in the back of the Covington Cemetery. The strange thing is that the film crews are under the protection of the police department while they are violating the law. If they are off-duty policemen, then why doesn't an on-duty policeman come by and arrest them? If a private citizen was driving trucks over graves and desecrating a monument, they would be arrested immediately. Also, if a private citizen was blocking streets for a birthday party, they, too, would be arrested immediately. City Hall in Covington seems to have run amok. When we Vietnam vets came home, we were spit on in the face. Now a monument dedicated to our dead is stamped on and urinated on by people holding dogs. The monument should be carefully taken up and moved to a veterans cemetery."

"The church that I attend has a large visitation program. We select names of disabled and homebound people to visit and check on their needs. Most of these visits are made in the evening because many of us work. Due to the aging Baby Boomers and longer life spans, this number seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. Under Obama Care, hospitals are required to send these people home early and be penalized if they come back. Their goal is to keep them home under home care programs as much as possible. Many articles have been printed in the AJC pertaining to these new procedures. Your Sunday 12-30-12 poll had comments from a Morgan County nurse where she stated she was blocked by Covington policemen from making her scheduled calls. On two occasions we have been stopped by city of Covington policemen and prohibited from checking on people in the Floyd Street area. The Covington Police Department should certainly be aware of what they are doing. They are denying service to those who cannot care for themselves. You would think that someone at City Hall would read a paper and figure out what is going on, or maybe they should read the Holy Bible where it states, 'The love of money is the root of all evil.'"

"The entire city manager escapade for Covington has turned into a fiasco. You have a council member named Dalton who is allowed to vote for his business and social partner, a policeman named Treadwell, for city manager. You have a council member named Smith who is allowed to vote for his social friend (one he vacations with), a city employee named Knight. The mayor of Covington should do his job and disqualify these two from voting due to conflicts of interest. Covington is beginning to look like Clayton County and Atlanta. ..."

"We need new 25 mph signs on Bryant Road. When calling Newton County requesting this, it never gets past the person answering the telephone. There are many pedestrians along this road and drivers race along like there is no tomorrow. Someone is going to get killed."

"I urge voters to go to the polls on March 19 for the election we are paying $38,000 for since the school system was too involved apparently in lawsuits and the Carpenters hunting for jobs to get this on the Nov. 6 election. Vote no. We do not need to continue the penny sales tax in these economic times and the things we need -- better bus driver and classroom teacher support -- cannot be paid for by SPLOST, which means they will come to voters more and more begging for even more money in the future. We do not need new school buildings. Our enrollment is dropping. And the millage is maxed out. The oversight of our budget and operations under Mathews and Carpenter has been poor and thankfully both are leaving. If you want more money, cut the six-figure salaries all over the central office for people who do not return calls, block you from meeting with them and do all they can to put off talking to the public."

"To Chop: I hope you was able to raise your glass the other night while you was eating your steak and cheers, for as I'm eating steak every night. Life on the EBT is great. But just like a uneducated parasite you are or the ones living on your scalp. You have no idea what you're talking about. First, I'm white. I do not drink liquor. Second, Hunt's Brothers pizza are better for you than those Little Caesar's pizza and you get free toppings. Third, I did not vote for your President Obama. Fourth, I'm a well-educated male with several degrees. Fifth, I pay taxes just like everyone else and I finally swallowed my pride and said if I got to pay for everyone else, I'll go fill out an app. and stand in line. Last, I do not abuse my privilege. I just thought I'll ruffle your feathers and make you wait a whole week to see your post."

"Wow! Chop, you finally approved a message. You starting to have a disease called Endless Chatter. Just like your President Obama."---

"The Old Man has been listening to members of Congress and all I am hearing is gun control. As I look back in history, every time something horrible happens they start talking gun control. That is as far back as I can recall and that is a long time. They have a weak gun control law but it doesn't really get enforced. Why add another law that will just add more work for our police department, and the courts will probably throw out most cases that might come before them. I am not against responsible people having guns. I am just against all the hoodlums running around poking their gun into people's faces and robbing or killing them. That is another thing I have a hard time understanding. When a cold-blooded killer takes a life he is sentenced to prison maybe for life when the taxpayers foot the bill for his food, lodging and medical. I grant you prison is not a pleasant place but 10 years or less down the road the lawyer(s) (the taxpayers usually pay for them) appeal the sentence. Too many times they win on a technicality, but the person they killed and the family do not have an appeal. Well, I think Congress better begin thinking about their constituents, and I don't mean the lobbyists. Does anyone know if it is true that the Congressmen's family and their staff's family are not required to pay back their student loans?"

"I would like to say a few things on schools. I do not support SPLOST. Our school system needs to pay teachers more -- not build more schools. Enrollment continues to drop, crime is high, administrators run wild like LaQuanda Carpenter suing a board member? Ludicrous. ... SPLOST money can't and won't pay salaries or help teachers. I do not support this. Mathews has not been a strong leader on school crime or it would not be getting worse and the types of crime are awful. It is sad to see our county and schools degraded and I am glad the gang of three is leaving."

"Please have someone pick up all the trash along Brown Bridge Road!"

"The Carpenters leave their contracts prematurely? With whose money? The paper needs to exercise due diligence and uncover all of this. Why? When was the public vote? ... We want answers and we know we will not get them at the Covington News. Let's hear it."

"So did Abigail Coggin think her secret money deal for the Carpenters using taxpayer money would go unnoticed? This is the board chair who could very well lead us into the red. Taxpayers vote down the education SPLOST March 19. It is not outta the park. It is out of control."

"Marijuana and illegals. A strange combination, isn't it? Both states (Washington and Colorado) ran through laws to legalize their states' infamous product. Now they are trying to find out how to police the massive gray areas in their laws. Try to keep it in their own states. Don't let it go past their borders. So, Congress will do something to change immigration laws, then try to figure out how to control it. Both subject matters will have long reaching effects and probably prove to be, by far, a lasting uncontrollable created mess."

"Just watching the news about the school shooting in southeast Atlanta. I'm glad that no one was badly hurt. Just wondering, Were you surprised? I wasn't. I read in the paper that there was a shooting at a party in the Silos subdivision off Brown Bridge Road just the other day. Thirty shots into a home. Not surprised. Also three robberies in an apartment complex right down the road on Salem. Not surprised. Were you? It's sad that we are becoming so used to this. Rockdale County has become a part of DeKalb and Clayton. Now western Newton. Wow. Are you surprised? I just read that the Carpenters were just released from their contract to the Newton School System. Now that did surprise me. Wonder what their settlement was? Newton County, it's coming this way. Heck, it's already here. Are you surprised? Elephant in the room."

---"I was calling about the comments in Sunday's paper criticizing Honey Boo Boo. My question to you is, are you jealous?"


HonestAbe 2 years, 9 months ago

I'm here to defend George Bush. You can no longer blame George Bush. It's isn't Bush's fault our county roads are so littered. It is not George's fault able bodied citizens are abusing food stamps. It's not Bush's fault that our school systems are messed up like it is today. Blame someone else and leave George Bush alone.


NoSPLOST 2 years, 9 months ago

Where is this week's SCHOOL CRIME REPORT?


mrsfingerprints 2 years, 9 months ago

Come on folks do you really think Baxter execs will move here when they have Oconee schools, Morgan County low crime, the beauty and peace of Putnam County - all 30 to 40 minutes from Stanton Springs. I mean look at the crime and the litter in Newton County. In some parts it looks third world. Smoking bans like Nazis. City council is a shambles. The new mayor is a disappointment. The school board stinks worse than those skunks on 36. The NSP disaster and a BOC member who reported to jail regularly last year. A Chamber president who acts like he is two. Come on.


dennistay53 2 years, 9 months ago

We also have brainwashed voters. John Douglas voted in as BOC and one month in office to announce he' running for US congress. Come on people people like Douglas don;t care about you. They care about THEIR egoes and THEIR careers, but we keep voting them in?


John 2 years, 9 months ago

dennistay, Spot on again, John Douglas and any other person on the BOC are in it for their own self interest. I lived in District 1 for almost 17 years now and you only proactively hear from the Commissioners around election time with pretty campaign fliers adn "kiss & promises" that are seldom kept but baited folks to vote for them - I did not vote for John Douglas. But he is to represent all the people in his District. How can he or any other commissioner ever represent his District if they don't talk to the people in his District like maybe a town hall meeting forum once a year but never within 6 months of an election.Or maybe these Commissioners just think they are smarter than the people - NOT. Me thinks, they don't want the people (who elected them & pay their salaries) to know what they are up to and don't want to get caught with heir pants down or slip showing. Finally it seems to me with this Baxter Int'l there was an opportunity for someone elected in District 1 to be on the "in side" and reap some sort of benefit (s). I ain't heard yes a progress report from John Douglas as to how he is progressing on his "Campaign Promises". It is time the people of NC insist on & get a "ProActive" progress report from these Commissioners on a regular basis -the report it could be as simple as I ain't done nothing yet but I am aimin' to or here is what i have done & here is what I am working on and here is what I am planning to do for the people in my district. This is what we expect & wish for and the Commissioner can get a meaningful "report card" at the next election.
But "If wishes were horses beggars would ride" - look up the meaning (s) on Google - it has evolved over time.


FishyFishy 2 years, 9 months ago

You lost me at the "beauty and peace of Putnam County". Say what?? LOLZZZZZZ!


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