Unemployment rates in Rockdale and Newton have dropped

CONYERS — Georgia’s unemployment rate for November was 6.3 percent, a slight decrease from October’s rate of 6.9 percent, and much less than the November 2012 percentage of 7.6, according to the state Department of Labor.

Locally, both Rockdale and Newton counties reflected the decreasing unemployment trend throughout Georgia.

Rockdale County’s rate of unemployed residents was 7.9 percent in November, meaning 3,276 of those living in Rockdale were without a job. This amount fell almost 1 percent from October’s rate of 8.8 percent, and substantially dropped from the November 2012 rate of 9.4 percent when 3,949 residents were unemployed.

Newton County had an 8.2 percent unemployment rate in November, decreasing four tenths of a percent from the 8.6 rate in October. In November of 2012, 9.5 percent of those living in Newton were jobless, which means that the number of unemployed residents in the county decreased from 4,638 to 3,924 in a year.

As for the state average, November’s statistics showed an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent, down from the October percentage of 6.9. Georgia’s unemployment rate was 7.6 percent in November of 2012 when 22, 769 of the state’s residents did not have a job. There were 18, 678 unemployed Georgians in November of this year.

The metro-Athens area had the lowest unemployment rate in the state for November with 5.1 percent of its residents not having a job. The Heart of Georgia Altamaha region, including Dodge, Telfair and Wheeler counties, had the highest unemployment rate of 10.0 percent.

The DOL states that the primary reason for November’s drop in unemployment rates was a decrease in the number of unemployment insurance claims, as well as the number of unemployed people. Additionally, the number of new layoffs in Georgia decreased from 1,900 in October to 1,571 in November of 2013.