Police Taser two juveniles on Christmas Day

COVINGTON — Three young males are facing juvenile charges for allegedly obstructing police officers after two of them had to be subdued by Tasers on Christmas Day.

Covington Police Department Officer Brian LaMacchio responded to Maple Drive just before 2 p.m. Wednesday where a group of teenagers were fighting in the street and one was believed to have a gun.

When he arrived, the officer found three males who fit the description given by dispatch walking away from the area.

LaMacchio said when the males saw his car, they “immediately started to run away from me and ignored my repeated commands to stop running.”

Two of the three males jumped a fence. The officer caught up to the third juvenile as he was attempting to climb over the fence, the incident report states.

“I gave him a verbal command to get off the fence, which he ignored,” LaMacchio stated in the report. “I then deployed by X-26 Taser into the back of the subject, and he fell off the fence.”

The boy obeyed the officer’s command to lie on the ground, he stated.

The other two juveniles stopped running when they heard the Taser deploy but refused to comply with the officer’s commands to lie on the ground.

“The male in the gray hoodie still had the gun in his hand, so I drew my service weapon from my holster and began to give him verbal commands to drop the gun,” LaMacchio reported, “He stated, ‘It’s a BB gun,’ and tossed it on the ground.”

However, the 15-year-old boy would not lie on the ground as the officer instructed saying that he “did not want to lay in the briars,” the report states.

Another CPD officer arrived to assist LaMacchio and likewise told the teenager to get on the ground, but he continued to refuse.

“Officer Roberts then deployed his Taser into the back of the subject,” the report states.

Once the 15-year-old fell to the ground, the officer was able to place him in handcuffs. The juveniles were transported to the Covington Police Department where juvenile complaint forms were completed. The younger males, ages 13 and 11, were charged with obstruction of officers. The 15-year-old was also charged with obstruction of officers as well as carrying a concealed weapon. The males were then released to their parents, the report states.