NCSO: Burglars steal approximately $9k in gaming systems from GameStop

COVINGTON — Electronics and video games seem to be at the top of many Christmas lists, and apparently they were at the top of the list of burglars who stole nearly $9,000 in game systems from GameStop this week.

On Monday, employees of GameStop on Industrial Boulevard called the Covington Police Department to report someone had broken into the store and stolen numerous items.

CPD Officer Jerry Roberts reported that it appeared three men pried open the front door of the empty business next to GameStop around 4:30 a.m. They then went into the bathroom area at the rear of the space, knocked a hole in the wall and entered GameStop from that room.

“The offenders also cut the phone lines, which disabled the alarm,” the incident report states.

Surveillance footage shows the burglars struck the sales counter area with what appeared to be a sledgehammer, which they used to break the safe from its cabinets.

“The offenders had opened the cabinets behind the counter where the most valuable video games were kept,” Roberts reported.

The officer said merchandise and debris from the damage were all over the floor and in the back area of the business, which is an employees-only section, a large amount of paperwork and items apparently from the cash drawer were on the floor.

“In this area was access to an additional storage room that was also entered,” Roberts stated. “This storage room contained the actual video gaming consoles as well as other valuable items.”

Taken from that room were 18 Xbox 360 systems, which were valued at $4,500; eight PlayStation 3 systems, valued at $2,240; and seven Wii U. valued at $1,925. The total amount estimated at the time to be stolen was $8,665, according to the report.

“The offenders can also bee seen (on the video surveillance) removing the gaming consoles from the storage room and stacking them at the rear door of the business and removing them from the store with the assistance of what appeared to be a fourth person,” Roberts reported.

The burglars then apparently left the building through the back door, which was left partially open by the use of a video game, according to the report.