Culinary and pre-k students come together to build gingerbread houses

COVINGTON — Culinary high-schoolers and pre-kindergarten students came together this week to get in the holiday spirit by building and decorating gingerbread houses at the Newton College and Career Academy.

The two-day process began Tuesday when Chef Jeanie Newton’s high school students shared their culinary prowess with pre-k students by building gingerbread houses with them. The houses were constructed using gingerbread walling and roofing, and held together by frosting adhesives.

On Wednesday, the decorating process was underway as the pre-k students used gumdrops, miniature candy canes, Teddy Grahams, and various other sweets to adorn their confectionary creations.

This is the second year that the NCCA culinary students have teamed up with the pre-k children to build the gingerbread houses.

“Last year we did it all in one day and the houses were collapsing, but Chef Newton was able to make it into a two-day thing this year,” said pre-k teacher Shelley Yeatman.

Each month the pre-k students get a chance to join the NCCA high school students for a glimpse of what their curriculum entails. They teamed up with the firefighting students in October to learn about fire safety and prevention. In the past, the pre-k students have also joined the horticulture class for a lesson on gardening.