Covington woman accused of pretending to slip and fall

CONYERS — A Covington woman has been arrested for allegedly pretending to slip and fall on a puddle of water in a Rockdale County convenience store.

On Oct. 30, Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steven Minor was called to Milstead Food Mart on Milstead Avenue. When he arrived, an ambulance was already there and he saw a female lying on her back in one of the store aisles.

“(She) advised that she slipped on a puddle of water while she was in the store,” the incident report states.

The owner of the store, however, took issue with the woman’s claim and told the deputy that “it was not possible that (she) fell in his store” because he doesn’t mop his floors until the store is closed at night.

A customer who was in the Food Mart at the time also seemed to suspect the woman’s story.

“(The witness) told me that he saw (the woman) come into the store and the next thing he heard was (her) calling for help,” Minor reported. “(He) told me that he didn’t hear (her) fall and he said that he didn’t believe that she fell in the store.”

The deputy returned to the store the following day to view the surveillance video.

Based on that footage, the woman, identified as 42-year-old Stacie Baskette Herder of 65 Boardwalk Ave., walked into the store around 12:45 p.m., and appeared to be looking for surveillance cameras, the report states.

Herder is then seen walking to the back of the store where she took a drink out of the cooler and walked toward the front.

“I saw her take the lid off the bottle and pour a little on the ground. She then put the water bottle back up,” Minor reported. “She walks back down the aisle and then starts spreading the water with her foot. I then watched her sit down and adjust herself and lay completely flat. A few seconds later, a customer comes and finds her on the ground.”

Herder was transported by National EMS to Rockdale Medical Center, where she was given prescriptions for pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

Deputy Minor contacted Herder the day after she allegedly fell to ask how she was feeling, the report states.

“She said she was suffering from a concussion and had a lower back strain,” the report states. “She told me that she went to Rockdale Hospital and they gave her some medications and a slip to stay out of work for three days.”

When the deputy confronted her about what he viewed on the surveillance video, “Mrs. Herder was starting to stutter at first then she said that she could (not) remember what happened,”

Herder was arrested Dec. 11 and charged with theft by shoplifting, making false statements and requesting ambulance service when not reasonably needed.