Conyers spa employee convicted of multiple infractions

CONYERS — An employee of a local massage parlor has been convicted and sentenced for repeated violations of operating the spa.

An Suk Hair, an employee of Body Scrub Day Spa located at 1004 Dogwood Drive, was convicted and sentenced Friday on charges stemming from her arrest in July when Conyers Police Department officers conducted an inspection of the business and found several violations.

Police first went to the business around 6:30 p.m. on July 19 after receiving a tip that it was operating as a massage parlor without a license. Officers found both the front and back doors locked and couldn’t get anyone to come to the front door. A sign at the business indicated it was open until 9 p.m. Officers also reported that there were surveillance cameras at both the front and back doors.

A few days later, police returned to the spa and conducted an inspection. They again found the doors locked, although Hair allowed them inside the business. As a result of that inspection, Hair was arrested. The Body Scrub Day Spa, which operates out of a converted house, was officially shut down.

According to CPD Officer Kim Lucas, Hair was cited for and convicted of the following:

• failure to keep treatment records of patients;

• failure to keep doors unlocked;

• failure to keep historical records on file;

• not posting identification sign; and

• operating without ordinary beds on premises.

Hair, 57, of 2540 Johnson Drive in Doraville, was sentenced to 14 days in jail, 30 months probation, 40 hours community service, $2,500 in fines plus fees, and shall not be employed in the massage industry in the city of Conyers for the duration of probation, according to a press release from the Conyers Police Department.

This was the third time that Hair had been cited for similar violations at the massage business. The Conyers Police Marshal Unit first inspected Body Scrub Day Spa in November 2012.

Police discovered several infractions as a result of that inspection, and Hair was arrested and convicted of charges of operating without an owner/manager on premises, locking of doors prohibited, and operating without a massage therapist license. She was sentenced to $1,050 in fines plus fees.

In May, the Marshal Unit again visited the location and Hair was again cited for operating without an owner/manager on premises. She was convicted and paid a $300 fine plus fees.

Lucas said Hair appears to be the sole employee of Body Scrub Day Spa. The owner is reportedly from Marietta and has never been on site when police have inspected the business.