NCSO deputies find marijuana during traffic stops

COVINGTON — A woman decided to bring more than just some cookies to a Christmas cookie swap last weekend, a decision that landed her in jail.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jacob Rice was patrolling the area of Almon Road Saturday when he noticed a white Ford Ranger pickup traveling in front of him cross the double yellow line a couple of times.

He pulled the driver over on Mount Tabor Road. When he approached the passenger side of the truck, the driver, later identified as Angela Dawn Kinder, 47, of 2185 Chester Circle in Conyers, quickly got out of her vehicle. Rice noted that she was “breathing heavily and her arms were shaking,” the incident report states.

After telling Kinder why he had stopped her, the deputy asked her where she was going.

“She stated she was gong to a Christmas cookie party,” he stated, noticing that she had multiple boxes of what appeared to be homemade cookies in her truck.

At first when Rice asked her where the party was, Kinder said she couldn’t remember.

“Ms. Kinder placed her hands over her face in a nervous, frustrated manner and then said it was in the Highlands subdivision,” the report states. “Ms. Kinder continually stated she was nervous because she was late and the police scare her.”

Rice grew more suspicious of Kinder’s behavior, so he asked her if he could search her vehicle, and, according to the report, she consented.

“Immediately as I put my head in her vehicle, I smelled the presence of fresh marijuana,” the deputy reported. “This smell became stronger as I opened her purse.”

Rice asked Kinder why her purse smelled like marijuana. She allegedly told the deputy that she had marijuana inside, and he found the marijuana inside a small green lipstick container.

“Kinder stated she does not smoke marijuana often, but was just bringing it to the party,” Rice stated.

Kinder was charged with failure to maintain lane and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

In other news, a Covington man was arrested and charged with marijuana possession Friday evening after a deputy pulled him over near the intersection of U.S. Highway 278 and Ga. Highway 11, suspecting that his child was too young to be traveling in the front seat.

The driver, 43-year-old Carlton Todd Bowen of 12039 Brown Bridge Road, told NCSO Deputy Brandon Ramsey that his son was 9 years old, which was old enough to be a front-seat passenger.

The deputy said he had to issue a warning since all traffic stops must be documented.

“As I was writing the warning, I noticed a smell of raw marijuana coming from his person and when I asked him about it, he stated there was nothing on him or in the car,” Ramsey reported.

The deputy noticed Bowen fidgeting with something near his groin area.

“I then asked him if he had something stuffed down the front of his pants, and he looked down at the ground and stated that he had a pipe and a little bit of weed in the front of his pants,” the report states.

The deputy retrieved from Bowen’s pants a multicolored glass pipe with burnt marijuana in it and a black container with two small plastic bags with raw marijuana.

Bowen was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce and drug-related objects. He was taken to the Newton County Detention Center and a family member was called to pick up his son.

Also on Friday, a deputy pulled over a Dodge Dakota truck with a front headlight out along Ga. Highway 142 in Newborn.

“While speaking with the driver, I could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” NCSO Deputy Daryl Cameron.

The deputy asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and told him that he could smell marijuana coming from inside the truck.

“He told me the marijuana was in the female passenger’s bra,” Cameron reported. “He told me he gave the marijuana to her to hold and stated it was his. The driver told me the female did not have anything to do with the marijuana, he would take full responsibility.”

The deputy located the marijuana and issued the driver a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce. The driver and passenger were released at the scene, according to the incident report.