Newborn to hold March special election

NEWBORN — After the death of Mayor Roger Sheridan, 92, last week, Newborn is in need of a new leader.

Newborn Town Clerk Elisa Rowe said Mayor Pro Tem Mark Vandervoet will be the interim mayor until the Newborn Town Council appoints an acting mayor in January.

The city will hold a special election March 18 if there’s more than one candidate qualified to run.

Rowe said she believes that Vandervoet will qualify for mayor.

She is unsure of the qualifying dates.

The special election could cost the town about $5,000 to $6,000 because it would require three people to be at Town Hall during the 21 days of early voting.

“Mayor Sheridan fought hard to try to get the county to take over the town elections, but they stated they do not have the staff, but Newborn doesn’t either,” Rowe said.

About $3,500 of the total cost will be used to hire the extra staff during early voting since Rowe is the only full-time staff member at Town Hall.

Since Sheridan was re-elected in the November elections, the newly elected mayor will serve four years.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Newborn has a population of about 700.