Man charged in choking incident

CONYERS — Angered that his mother had custody of his step-daughter, a Conyers man allegedly called his mother and said he had tied a rope around his wife’s neck and would kill her if the step-daughter wasn’t returned to his care.

The man, Shahid Ibim Abdui Rahim, of 1187 Millcrest Walk, reportedly called his mother around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, and demanded that she bring his step-daughter to his home.

“Rahim told (his mother) that if she did not drive the child to his home then he would kill his wife,” the incident report completed by Conyers Police Department Officer Michael Vaughn states. “Rahim went on to say that he had a rope wrapped around her neck. (His mother) said that she could hear (the victim) over the phone and it sounded like she was choking.”

Rahim’s mother had turned on the speakerphone so the conversation was also heard by two other witnesses, including a friend who is a DeKalb County police officer, the report states.

Several police officers drove to the Millcrest Walk home. When no one answered the door when they knocked, the officers contacted an after-hours maintenance worker, who let them inside the home.

Once inside, they were able to place Rahim under arrest and then speak with the victim.

“(The victim) said that Rahim was upset with his mother, who has custody of her (the victim’s) daughter,” the report states. “Rahim told (the victim) to call (his mother) and tell her bring her daughter home. (She) refused and Rahim became upset. Rahim grabbed what (the victim) described as a black cord and wrapped the cord around her neck.”

The officer reported that the victim had visible marks on her neck “consistent with being strangled by cord.”

Warrants are expected to be issued against Rahim for the offenses of aggravated assault, battery and terroristic threats, the report states.