Shoplifting suspects try to steal knife, ammunition and Christmas lights

COVINGTON — A Covington man has been arrested for allegedly attempting to shoplift various items from Walmart, including a machete and ammunition.

James Snyder, 51, of 2631 White Rose Drive, was stopped by a Walmart employee just before 3 p.m. Monday when she watched him conceal merchandise in a large box and walk past all points of sale, according to an incident report from the Covington Police Department.

According to the report, Snyder entered the store on Industrial Boulevard with a card table and the box. The man reportedly said he planned to return the card table that he had purchased earlier from Walmart.

“(The employee) stated that she saw Snyder open the box and conceal several items, including a machete and ammunition,” the report states.

The total of all items Snyder allegedly attempted to steal was around $165.

In other news, police have arrested a Covington man who allegedly stole two boxes of Christmas lights and a couple of packages of deodorant.

Sometime around noon on Sunday, CPD Officer J.C. English noticed a man, later identified as 21-year-old Herbert Sears of 290 Stone Ridge Way, running on Pace Street and into the parking lot of Antiques and Stuff.

“I observed Mr. Sears wearing a sweatshirt, pants and carrying a bag,” the officer reported.

English saw Sears run through a wooded area and through a creek toward Walgreen’s on U.S. Highway 278.

The officer then found Sears’ sweatshirt near a fence and saw the man run back toward Pace Street wearing a white T-shirt and no shoes.

Another officer arrived and began chasing Sears, telling him several times to stop. Sears was able to throw his wallet over a chain-link fence before officers arrested him.

English found the bag that Sears was carrying when he was running and returned the items to Kroger. The manager at Kroger told the officer that Sears came to the store with a couple of other people. He then picked up a Kroger bag and tried to leave the store. When the store manager stopped him and asked for a receipt, Sears took off running, the report states.