Covington City Council approves designated truck, golf cart routes

COVINGTON — The Covington City Council unanimously approved the city Department of Transportation’s list of designated truck routes Monday.

The list will be published on the city website.

The following roads are built to withstand the trucks’ weight and are transitional from outside the city to within the city limits and out again:

• Interstate 20 from west city limit to east city limit;

• Ga. Highway 81 from west city limit to north;

• Ga. Highway 142 from U.S. Highway 278 to north city limit;

• U.S. Highway 278 from I-20 Exit 90 to east city limit;

• Ga. Highway 36 from Jackson Highway to U.S. Highway 278;

• Old Atlanta Highway from west city limit to Ga. Highway 81;

• Piper and West Street from Old Atlanta Highway to U.S. Highway 278;

• Turner Lake Road from U.S. Highway 278 to Ga. Highway 81.

The objective of the routes is to keep trucks from entering the Square. The council also approved giving City Manager Leigh Anne Knight the authority to add “no through truck traffic” signs as necessary.

A revised list of golf cart routes was approved by the majority of the council, with Mayor Pro Tem Janet Goodman opposing.

With the removal of Ga. Highway 36 from downtown, Clark, Church and Monticello streets have been placed on the allowed list. Pace Street and Wheat Street between Adams Street and Industrial Boulevard were also added.

State routes, streets with a speed limit above 35 mph, streets located in an industrial area and that have high vehicle counts are prohibited. Private streets are not listed in the allowed or prohibited lists. Only persons with a valid drivers license or instruction permit may operate golf carts on city streets.

The council’s next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12 for a work session to discuss electric utility rates.