JOHN PEARRELL: Athiests want double standard when expressing their views in public

John Pearrell

John Pearrell

A few months back, you may recall atheists raised a stink about Bibles being placed in cabins in our state parks. I can never figure out why, if they really believe there is nothing to religion, that it is a myth like Santa Claus as many of them claim, they would be so vocal in their opposition of literature that they consider meaningless.

But, the state listened and Bibles were removed from state parks for about a day.

These atheists have insisted if the Bible remains in our parks, they have the right to place their literature in the cabins as well, and Gov. Deal has agreed with them. They have begun placing atheistic literature in cabins as well. The spokesman for the movement stated, “That it is their right to place an opposing view in these public places.”

It may surprise you to know that I really don’t have a problem with that argument. It actually can be used both ways.

If our state leaders agree that it is only fair that public policy allow opposing views to be presented, then I call on those leaders to allow creation science to be taught alongside evolutionary science in our schools, which also are a place of public forum.

I want to remind our leaders that the argument advanced by the ACLU in the Scopes trial was for evolution to be taught alongside of creation, not in exclusion of it. Although they lost that court case (something modern history seems to have forgotten), it is interesting that, once the door was opened, they forced from public view opposing arguments.

Before you start arguing evolution is science and creation is not, let me remind you that neither evolution nor creation fits the two major criteria of scientific investigation — namely, that it be observable and repeatable.

In fact, even science has shelved Darwinian evolution (the antiquated view we still teach in our public schools) in favor of the theory of punctuated equilibrium — the sudden appearance of various life-forms during various ages rather than the old Darwinian mutation model.

The more advanced our scientific knowledge has become, the less believable Darwin’s theory has grown. Turns out his “simple” cell model was anything but simple.

One person argued that although it is true that we have never observed evolution, the story is like a murder mystery — the investigators piece together what took place from the evidence they have.

Unfortunately, anyone who has really studied the “evidence” soon comes to realize that most of it is mere speculation based on the belief system of the evolutionist. Case in point is when Darwin unearthed his Australopithecus he hid for 50 years under the floor board of his house, evidence that clearly contradicted his find. Another example is Donald Johansen’s famous find, Lucy, declared to be “the mother of all mankind,” but declared by evolutionist Richard Leaky III to be, “Nothing more than the skeleton of a chimpanzee.”

So much for “hard evidence” upon which a scholarly investigation is built.

With that said, isn’t it at least a tad bit disingenuous for atheists to call for the right to express their opposing views in public if they are not willing to allow views opposed to theirs be freely expressed?

John Pearrell is pastor of Gateway Community Church in Covington. For more information, visit the Gateway website at www.gatewaycommunity.org or email john.pearrell@gatewaycommunity.org.