Newton Sheriff's Office: Woman arrested for forgery after criminal background check altered

COVINGTON — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a woman and charged her with forgery after she allegedly forged a criminal background check and gave it to a potential employer.

Carmen Neal, 44, of 10618 Magnolia Heights Drive faces two counts of forgery in connection with the incident.

According to NCSO Public Information Officer Deputy Cortney Morrison, the woman had sought a job at a local day care facility, but when the employer saw the criminal background check, he became suspicious.

“He said it looked to be fraudulent to him because he’s dealt with many criminal histories in the past and it didn’t look like one he’s normally seen,” Morrison said. “He said Neal had given him a criminal history check that said ‘no record.’”

As it happened when the potential employer called the sheriff’s office main number to inquire about the check, the admin tech who answered the phone was the person who had run the criminal history for the woman. She remembered that the check did, in fact, show the woman had a record.

When the criminal history that the woman had given to the employer was faxed to the sheriff’s office, it was discovered not only had the document been altered, but the admin tech’s signature had been forged, as well.

At that point, the Criminal Investigation Division took over the case and investigators went to Neal’s house to question her.

“The investigators saw evidence there in plain view that they were able to gather that was incriminating,” Morrison said.

Neal was arrested.

In other crime news, a Snellville man who was visiting a relative in the Villages of Ellington on Sunday reported that his vehicle had been stolen, but wound up going to jail himself.

According to Morrison, the NCSO received a report of suspicious activity on Charleston Place on Sunday, Aug. 18, between midnight and 2 a.m. When deputies arrived they found a wrecked four-door Nissan Maxima in front of 175 Charleston Place.

“No one was around the vehicle at the time, but while deputies were there, dispatch notified them that there was a complaint coming from nearby Middleton Drive of a stolen Maxima,” Morrison said.

Deputies began questioning residents and found witnesses who gave descriptions of two men who got out of the vehicle and left it on Charleston Place. They showed deputies where the vehicle allegedly hit another vehicle and a mailbox nearby.

When deputies went to Middleton Drive and spoke with the owner of the Maxima, they were able to determine that the owner matched the description witnesses had given them of one of the men who left the wrecked vehicle on Charleston Place.

David Anthony Ricardo Gordon, 22, of 4719 Chain Point Court, Snellville, was arrested and charged with duty upon striking unattended vehicle, duty upon striking fixtures upon highway and false report of theft.