City, county approve personal care homes

COVINGTON - Both the city and county approved applications related to personal care homes this week.

The Covington City Council on Monday approved a special use permit under the Personal Care Home, Family designation of the zoning code. The facility is at 4196 Jackson Hwy.

The owner of the property is Geneva Ellis Moore Properties, Inc. and the applicant is Seeds of Hope LLC. Seeds of Hope has six care homes in College Park and this is the first in Covington, a representative told the council.

The council initially approved a special use permit for the site in 2009, but the applicant was not able to meet conditions of the approval, said Senior Planner Scott Gaither. Those conditions have now been met but the permit had expired.

The care facility can house between four and six people, including caregivers. The fire marshal can set a lower occupancy rate depending on the conditions of the facility.

Gaither said there has not been a change of land use in the immediate area since the permit was first approved in 2009.

The Board of Commissioners approved Tuesday the approval of a conditional use permit for a personal care home at 2400 Elks Club Road. A facility there is currently operating lawfully with four residents, three caretakers and one manager, according to Zoning Administrator Judy Johnson. To house up to six residents, as requested by applicant Tanya Brown, requires a conditional use permit. Anything above six residents would require a rezoning of the property.

Brown said the three-bedroom, 3,646 square foot facility will house five residents and one residential manager. Brown said her clients are senior citizens. In response to a commissioner’s questions about keeping residents from getting out and wandering roads, Brown said she has alarms and chimes on all doors.