Tigers hoping to make it three in a row in postseason play

COVINGTON — After making it to two-consecutive playoff games, Alcovy’s football team is looking to make it three in row if they can keep away from injuries.

“Our problem is that we don’t have a lot of depth on either side of the line,” Alcovy head coach Kirk Hoffmann said. “A couple of injuries could cause a lot of problems for us. What we’re trying to do is develop depth on both sides, not just offense.

The Tigers problem with injuries and lack of depth started last season as they did not have the same five players on the offensive line in any of their games. While this caused a problem, it also gave some players a chance to gain valuable varsity experience. Returning from last year to the O-line are Ryan Karp, Michael Moses and Dalton Carter. Even though the Alcovy front five are set for now, the problem is they still don’t have enough depth should a couple fall out for a length of time.

“A lot about the offensive line is being able to come together and gel. That’s one of things we’re working on now trying to get that gel factor up and get them all on the same page,” Hoffmann said. “The offensive line has had a great summer. I guess the biggest thing for us is to get them in the fire and see how they’re going to react.”

The battle for quarterback has still not been settled as Tristen Payne and D’Anthony Bell have had a good summer and preseason. However, D’Anthony Elder has also been making some great plays and is still is the mix.

“Right now we’re still in the process of trying to get them in there and see who’s going to be the main. Is it going to be one or are we going to a two-player system,” Hoffman said.

One area on offense where the Tigers do not have to worry about lack of depth is running back where they have four players that are more than capable.

Nanpon Ross, Jared Farley and Robert Bullard all spend time in the backfield last season. Adding to the effective ball carriers is Jacoby Evans.

“We had a kid move in, Jacoby Evans, he’s definitely going to spend sometime back there,” Hoffmann said. “We have a lot of kids that have had a lot of playing time back there.”

With only one major loss to Alcovy’s defense, Hoffmann again feels that his defense could be the answer to a successful season. Coming back for this season include Okon Godwin, Curtiss Benton, Ryan Adams and Cole Patterson.

“It probably is our strength if you have to pick one side of the ball. They’re going to have to carry us early and have to play well,” Hoffmann said. “We’re not very big when you talk about 6A football. We don’t have that 6-4, 290 kid playing but we have a lot of kids that give us great effort. They play hard and that’s all you can ask of those kids, play hard and get better. This group is committed to do that.”

The Tigers will get that chance as they travel to take on Jones County on Friday, Aug. 30 with their first home game on Sept. 6 against Perry.

“One of the things that we have to do is get better every week. Where we’re good, we’re pretty good. But then we have some spots where we have to really show some major improvement,” Hoffmann said. “Hopefully, as the season goes we’ll get better and better.”