Union tentatively agrees to HGH testing

A memo from the NFL Players’ Association indicates that the union has “tentatively agreed’ to HGH testing during the season.

The memo, which was sent to players on Tuesday and is posted on the NFLPA website, shows that five players from eight teams would be randomly selected each week to undergo HGH testing.

“We have tentatively agreed (and will likely finalize soon, when a few other issues in Policy are settled) that each week during the season, a computer program will randomly select five men from eight teams each week to provide blood,” the memo reads. “The blood will be tested immediately, then frozen. The test results will be stored in a computer, and once the decision limit is determined, the results will be compared with the decision limit.”

Players who test positive for excess amounts of human growth hormone will be suspended for four games after a first offense. Players will have the right to appeal a suspension. Blood samples will be preserved during the process and then destroyed within 60 days after the appeal.

The league told NFL.com that an agreement is not yet in place.

“We do not have yet a comprehensive agreement for HGH testing and decline to comment on the union’s memo,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

According to the memo, every player in training camp will have blood drawn to provide a baseline for HGH testing.