Miracle League roof vote delayed

COVINGTON - Commissioners have tabled the selection of a contractor to install a metal roof on the concession stand at the Miracle League field at the request of Commissioner Levie Maddox.

Miracle League representatives will come before the board at a work session scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Maddox said he’d like to see a presentation on the overall vision for the project for himself and other board members who took office in the new year.

The low bidder for the roof installation, at $31,000, was PK Construction out of Loganville. Two other bidders, both local, also submitted proposals. Outback Companies out of Oxford bid $35,500 and SteelCo Buildings Inc. out of Covington bid $35,650.

“My strong push is to have a local company with their fingerprints and their name associated with this project,” Maddox said.

He said one of the bidders donated an entrance at City Pond Park and, “I think it says a lot for the county to encourage participation from the local business community.” Maddox was referring to SteelCo, which donated a pavilion and paved the entryway at City Pond several years ago.

Commissioner Lanier Sims, who sits on the building committee for the Miracle League, said he agrees with Maddox’s comments regarding local businesses. “I hope any time we’re looking at bids that we first look local because they’re going to take those funds and spend back in our community. They have employees that work for them that live in our community,” he said.

Miracle League Consultant Tamara Richardson said Tuesday’s presentation will include a history of the project, donations received to date and a list of every Newton County business that has worked on the project and how much they have been paid.

Richardson said there is a long list of local businesses that have been involved in the project to date and that Miracle League tries to buy local whenever possible. A contract to install the parking lot at about $200,000 was recently awarded to a company out of Oxford, for example.

County Manager John Middleton said there is a buy local clause “that we hope will make it easier for our local providers to be a part of some of the projects that we do have in the community” in the proposed purchasing policy which will also be discussed at another work session to take place 6 p.m. Thursday.


Citizen19 8 months, 1 week ago

My question is why the BOC is funding a roof at the fielfd After all they are getting $1.5 million in SPLOST funds have obtained a bank loan to cover cost while they wait for the SPLOST to be collected. This roof should be paid out of the Miracle Leage's funds!!! Not the broke county wich can't fund its own employees!! Who is going to maintain the field once its built? Is there a plan to do that? I can see that there needs to be many things aired to the public and using public funds to provide for a 501C3 is not the thing we need to do now. They need to do some fundraisers or something because this is another reason taxes increased and departments lost funding!


dennistay53 8 months, 1 week ago

Agree. The 2011 SPLOST promised NO BORROWING or BONDING. Now two years out they are already breaking the promise. Can't they understand that borrowing is what go us into this mess?


horseinaround 8 months, 1 week ago

The board has to approve spending on each invoice over a certain level. The money comes out of already accrued SPLOST funds. I am glad they are looking at all spending and not just approving something because it has been allocated.


Bemused 8 months, 1 week ago

So bidding has already taken place on this but because their buddies didn't put in the low bid, it gets tabled? It's not exactly like Loganville is on the other side of the country! It must be nice to have friends on the commission that can hold things up until certain people get their way.


dennistay53 8 months, 1 week ago

@Bemused, Gosh I have to agree with you again. If you are going to take the low LOCAL bid then they need to state with the bid that local bidders only need apply. Which wouldn't be good because you would have a non competitive bidding process and costs would go up. My understanding from the work session tonight is that a local clause will be put into the bidding process where if a local bidder comes within 5% of the top bid they will be able to match the lower bid. I still don't think this is good because it will run off out of county bidders who want put in the effort to go through the bidding process to lose in this manner. My advice to local bidders would be to place the lowest bid if they want the job.


Bemused 8 months ago

That's twice in one year that you've agreed with me. At this rate, I'll have you voting for Hillary in 2016!


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