Downtown Covington to get more lights this Christmas

COVINGTON - Downtown Covington will be a little brighter this Christmas, as the city of Covington and Main Street have agreed to jointly allocate a total of $40,000 for additional holiday lights.

A request for proposal has been issued for the project, initially proposed in March by Scoops and Just Dogs and Burgers owner Susan Kirk. Her proposal was to light the downtown in three phases: Phase one would involve lighting the rooftops and architectural details, such as windows and brick awnings, of buildings along the Square.

The second phase would involve wrapping all trees in new tree wells downtown from bottom to top, including those down side streets. The third phase would be to light the tree in the Square Park traditionally used as the community Christmas tree with 5,000 lights that would be synchronized to music. Fifteen-minute light shows would take place twice per night during the holiday season, Kirk told the council in March. The city already has speakers for music to be piped in for the show, she added.

Kirk estimated the cost would be $47,000 to hire a professional service to install, service, take down and store the lights. Interim Main Street Covington Director Randy Vinson said proposals are being sought to find out what can be done for $40,000. Some business owners are discussing staying open late on Thursdays and Fridays during the holidays, he said.

Kirk said the lights would draw people from surrounding towns like Monroe, Social Circle and Madison as, “There’s no city that’s doing this within 100 miles that it’s free.”

The city’s portion of the funds will come from hotel/motel taxes, said City Manager Leigh Anne Knight. A portion of those taxes are designated for special projects. That list is expected to be amended by the council at its Aug. 19 meeting to include the downtown lighting project.


PersonalJesus 2 years, 3 months ago

Insanity 40K for trailer park crap. How arrogant in these economic times to blow 40K


John 2 years, 3 months ago

Some folks just like to spend other peoples money to serve their own self interest & other will rubbr stamp it. A dime to a donut that the $40K will grow to $47K after the August 19 meeting. Noticed that the cost projections does not include the cost of electricity to burn these additional bulbs - obviously many, many thousands if just one tree o nteh corner will require 5000 bulbs - those extra bucks gotta' come from someones pocket. Wonder what the projected retrun on investment is to the community (tax payers) for this investment. If only the 40K is approved may the Griswalds (re: Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation) can help out with some creative cost saving ideas.


llewey 2 years, 3 months ago

I guarantee that they could get it cheaper if they shopped around. Or save money like Christmas Lights, Etc suggests and go with LED, which costs less to power.


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