Redeeming Love aids elderly homeowners, youth during month of service

Redeeming Love Christian Church aids elderly homeowners, youth during month of service

Redeeming Love Christian Church parishioner Gary Rozier of Rockdale County power washes a home as part of the church’s month of service. (Special photos)

Redeeming Love Christian Church parishioner Gary Rozier of Rockdale County power washes a home as part of the church’s month of service. (Special photos)


Homeowner Jensy Coleman of Newton County, center, is surrounded by men from Redeeming Love Christian Church who helped her with home improvement projects. The church members include, from left, Nathaniel Singletary of Newton County, Pastor Gerald Simpkins of Rockdale County, Gary Rozier of Rockdale, Christian Croone of Newton, Tony Wilson of Newton, and Pastor Jamie Croone of Newton.

For six years, Redeeming Love Christian Church of Conyers has called August its “month of service” and for six years, church volunteers have sought to bless others, but come home sharing how they were the ones who received the blessings.

“The husband of one of the couples from this weekend had just had hip surgery and had tried to do things, but couldn’t,” said Nat Singletary, Redeeming Love’s men’s ministry leader. “His wife was saying how much of a blessing (our work) was to her. We showed up just when they needed us. That really blessed us.”

Singletary leads a group of men in the church that coordinates the month of service in August, but men, women, youth and children all turn out to volunteer for whatever work is needed, primarily home repairs for seniors.

“We have all of the men committed to doing at least one of the Sundays,” Singletary said. “Last Saturday we had six men go out and we serviced three households. This weekend we’re doing five and we’ll probably have 10 to 15 men.”

Also, last weekend nine women went to a local elementary school, where they met with teachers, parents and others to pray for the upcoming school year and to give them donations.

As for helping with home repairs, Singletary said there is no charge to the residents and added that anyone who would like to make donations to buy materials would be appreciated.

“The men are giving their time and expertise,” he said. “All materials are coming out of donations. We are doing everything from plumbing work, roof work, gutters to cleaning out garages and yards.”

Located at 1931 Old Covington Road in Conyers, Redeeming Love Christian Church is a non-denominational Christian congregation that was founded in 2005 by Pastor Arthur “Jamie” Croone and his wife and co-pastor, Tanya Croone.

“Over the years through various expressions of love, our church has continued to experience steady and continual growth,” Singletary’s wife Cheryl said. Mrs. Singletary helps coordinate church events.

“This year along with going into various homes in the counties every Saturday, we’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity. We’re over there helping to build a house in Conyers.”

Mrs. Singletary said the volunteer work her church does follows with how Pastor Croone encourages the congregation to make an impact in the Rockdale and Newton areas.

“We can be seen in our community offering services to feed the hungry, doing minor home repairs for seniors, an open guy-basketball for the youth and partnering back-to-school events.”

Redeeming Love Christian Church, which has about 300 members, has also partnered with several other churches’ men’s groups to get the work done this month and Mr. Singletary said any other church is welcomed to get involved. Any church interested or any community resident in need, is asked to call the church at 770-922-1491.

“One of the statements the pastor made Sunday is we are called to pastor the community,” Mr. Singletary said. “What that means is we have a responsibility to look after the well-being of our community. This is a way we can do that and express our love for the community by helping seniors who, in this day and time with the economy being the way it is, have challenges. It’s a way to express our love and care for the community.”

In addition, members of the business community are also pitching in to help.

“At the Home Depot on Dogwood, one of the managers there was really gracious to us and supplied the materials we needed. Other businesses in the community are coming alongside of us and doing what they can as well to foster good will in the community,” said Mr. Singletary.

The church anticipates having 50 people out and about working in the community on Saturdays in August.

“We are really excited about it,” Mrs. Singletary said. “This really puts feet and hands to the definition of love and we are of course, known to be the love church.”

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