ON THE BEAT: It may pay to sober up before going to the police station

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A woman came to the Covington Police Department headquarters to file a complaint about the fraudulent use of her debit card by her roommate — a man she could only identify by his first name. It seems he bought video games and magazines with the card; however, the bank found there was no fraud and refused to refund her money. The more she talked, the more suspicious the officer taking the report became that there was more to the story, stating in his report that he could smell alcohol on her breath and that while she was talking she was continually walking in circles. When asked her phone number for the report, she couldn’t remember it and had to hand the officer her cell phone to read it. When he took the phone, he smelled marijuana. When asked about having marijuana, the woman first denied it, but when she realized the officer had smelled it on the phone, she admitted a small baggy was in the same compartment of her purse where she kept her phone. This prompted a search of the purse, which yielded two more bags of marijuana. She went to jail.

A way with words

The Walmart store on Salem Road reported a theft by an unknown man who approached a cashier and “confused” her. He convinced the woman to give him $400 back in change after purchasing a Snicker’s with a $1 bill.

Not my habit

A man was stopped by a CPD officer for running a stop sign. When confronted with his transgression he said he wasn’t surprised as he rarely stopped at stop signs. The officer spotted a packet of marijuana in plain view on the center console of the vehicle and he went to jail.

Buyer’s remorse

A woman came to CPD headquarters to complain that she was approached in the Walmart parking lot about buying subscriptions to magazines. She said she went back into the store with the salesman and withdrew $180 and paid for three subscriptions. A few hours later, she changed her mind and was unable to reach anyone at the number provided on the back of her receipt.

Noisy neighbor

A man called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to his house to complain that his neighbor starts up his race car about once a month and revs up the engine for a couple of minutes. Also, he said his dog barks all the time.

Some happy birthday

A woman came to CPD headquarters to complain that while she was at a friend’s birthday party, the friend came into the garage and hit her husband in the head with a baseball bat while she was talking to him. She said the friend tried to hit her as well, but she was able to fend her off.

Setting up housekeeping

A woman notified the NCSO that her house had been burglarized. Taken were a diamond ring, a printer, a kitchen table with four chairs, a television stand, a hutch and matching table, a cherry electric fireplace and $400 worth of food.

Can’t keep up

A man called NCSO deputies to his home to complain that while he was working in the yard someone drove by in a white jeep and threw trash into his yard.

Lots of problems

A man reported to the CPD that his home had been burglarized. He said he realized someone had been in his home when he found the piece of plywood he kept propped over the front door opening had been moved. There was no front door. He said once inside the home the person tore a shelf off the wall in the living room, breaking his shot glasses. He said a Mason jar containing $15 in change was missing and the burglars apparently rummaged through his dresser drawers but he was unsure if anything was taken. He said he couldn’t check the house for theft thoroughly as his electricity was cut off and he’d have to wait until daylight before taking a proper inventory.

Wreck going somewhere to happen

A woman was seen walking on the interstate after she crashed her car into the median wall. When CPD officers arrived, she explained that a deer or a large dog had jumped out in front of her and when she braked, she hit a large piece of tire tread, and ultimately hit the wall. No other witnesses could be found who had also seen the dog, deer nor the tire tread. She appeared to be under the influence of something and officers began asking her if she was taking any medication. She told them she was taking Cylapril, Prozac, Adderall and Hydrocodone, to name a few. To round that off, officers located a small plastic bag containing the proverbial green, leafy substance with a Phentermine pill inside. Despite the medications, she complained of hip and leg pain from the crash and was taken to the hospital with charges pending.