Dollar General employee faces charges on falsely reporting crime

COVINGTON — Newton County Sheriff’s Office personnel rushed to the scene of a reported robbery by force at the Dollar General Store on Ga. Highway 81 Sunday morning, only to later discover it was a hoax, according to NCSO Public Information Officer Deputy Cortney Morrison.

The “victim” was a store employee who told deputies and investigators that she was taking the night deposit to her vehicle around 9 a.m. when someone came up behind her, pushed her to the ground and took off running with the deposit. The woman stated that the perpetrator ran in the direction of the nearby Pizza Inn and was wearing white tennis shoes. She could provide no further description of the suspect, Morrison said.

“The deputy secured the scene, called CID investigators and the crime scene tech. Investigators conducted a thorough investigation and determined the entire scenario was made up and concocted,” Morrison said.

She said the “victim” said she didn’t want to lose her job because she had taken the deposit, which consisted of several thousand dollars, home with her the night before and it was stolen from her car at her house.

“She said to save her job, she made up this story,” Morrison said.

As a result, Kimberly Fawcett, 41, of 938 West Macedonia Church Road, Oxford was arrested and has been charged with false swearing, obstruction of officers and false report of a crime.

“This incident took copious amounts of resources, manpower and cost quite a bit of money to investigate,” Morrison pointed out. “Any allegation of any crime is taken very seriously by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and we put all of our manpower and resources into finding out what happened. When this is abused, we will take appropriate action and will file charges. Those resources could have been used elsewhere for a legitimate complaint.”